Sep 092009

I had the best vacation ever. Actually, it felt like the first real vacation I’ve ever had. It was the first vacation I’ve taken since the separation/divorce. The first vacation I’ve taken in years that didn’t include my ex or my family. It was peaceful. It was fun. And best of all, it was completely drama-free. No one sat on […]

Aug 242009

I think I might be crazy. Really. Yesterday I had a relatively innocent conversation with a guy online and I started crying. Not in a bad way, but in a relieved sort of way. I looked back over the conversation later trying to find the point that set me off, and couldn’t find one. It was simply just a regular […]

Aug 202009

I watched the latest episode of “More To Love” last night. On one hand, I’m happy because he finally got rid of the bitchy-backstabber woman, on the other hand the show still disturbs me. This time its much less him and his understanding “playboy” ways of getting fat women to love him… and much more the women themselves. Did the […]

Jul 202009

Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies If you’ve recently been divorced, do not read this book. I love to read, and to discuss books, so of course I’m in a book club. This was the book for today’s discussion, and of course, I felt compelled to read it and discuss it. The book is written well. Grammar and all that. […]

Jul 142009

Its been 6 months, 24 days, and.. well thats as far as I’m counting.. since he walked out. Its been 1 month, 15 days since the divorce was final. The first month was hard. The second month was hard. The rest are just a blur of stress and activity, moving, and legalese. I really thought I was fine. Sure I […]