May 102010
5 Manly-Man Things I Love

I really liked @singlegirlie‘s post about “5 Un-Manly Things I Love In A Man”  despite that I don’t share most of those myself. So I thought, “Hey, I should do a post like that with ones that I like!” Then I thought about it, and I honestly can’t think of any girlie things that I like in a man. Well […]

Nov 022009

Last thursday night I of course went again to my “Flirting” group. Being that it was the thursday before Halloween, people obviously had better things to do and the group had a small turn out. So we did something a little different. We talked. The organizer handed out small pieces of paper for us to write questions that we wanted […]

Sep 162009

“The Frisky” (some online magazine I’d never heard of until someone posted about this article) has an article about the “8 So-Called Chivalrous Moves That Creep Us Out”. The article was obviously written by a woman who is so used to unchivalrous behavior that she gets creeped out easy. Of the 8 Creepy moves she lists, I only agree with […]

Aug 042009

A friend of mine, Fred and I were discussing dating and our turn offs. Ok, actually we were discussing this girl he had a date with, but was thinking of canceling. The only reason he was thinking of going was that he was assured he was getting sex. But the more he thought about the upcoming event the more he […]