May 272010
Covering Some Urban (Dating) Legends

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… or as a tshirt I saw the other day “Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder” Either way, beauty is subjective. So is attraction. So is everything else that comes along with dating. Who is fat vs thin?  Who is smart vs stupid? Who is funny? Who knows how to party? […]

May 042010

Dear Parents out there who are attempting to date single non-parents, I just wanted to let you know that we all get that you have kids. You’ve let us know, and we’re cool with it.  Some of us might absolutely love it.  But what we don’t want right now, especially before ever meeting your child, is the cutsie play by […]

Feb 112010

I was talking to a twitter friend last night about the Friend Zone and how to combat it. Every girl has different friend zones for guys.  Some friends are “gay friends” meaning they’re good friends but they might as well be gay for all the interest she has in them.  Some friends are “hopeful friends” meaning friends that she’d consider […]

Jan 132010
Defining Different

There’s been a theme lately. I’m not sure how to process it, and I’m not sure how to write about it without some kind of backlash. But I’m going to try. (sitting here thinking about how to start)(20 minutes pass)(still thinking) I’m going to start at the beginning.. because its a very good place to start (channeling Sound Of Music). […]

Nov 302009

Dating Profiles are probably one of the hardest and worst things to write. Partly because its text and personality does not always come across in text like you’d desire, and partly because everything you say can be interpreted a million different ways than how you intended. For example.. this brilliant witty woman’s profile: My Self-SummaryMe: Silly, introspective, resilient, curious, spunky […]

Nov 022009

Last thursday night I of course went again to my “Flirting” group. Being that it was the thursday before Halloween, people obviously had better things to do and the group had a small turn out. So we did something a little different. We talked. The organizer handed out small pieces of paper for us to write questions that we wanted […]

Oct 192009

After a long week of driving myself insane, Friday night I needed to relax. However, I’d also finally gotten an invite to the Partymeister’s weekly Friday Night Happy Hour. The Partymeister is a 40ish good looking man who is always the life of the party and always knows where all the great parties are. The Partymeister also knows quite a […]

Oct 092009

It’s come to my attention that I may have to stop being quite so laid back about dating if I want things to work out. Now after every date, I think I’m going to ask them… “So, Are you interested?” I’ve been chatting with this guy whom I could not figure out. We’d met through “” even though I’m not […]