Feb 072011
The Death of the Magic Penis

I’d pretty much written off Ken on New Years, but was a little disappointed that he hadn’t called or tried to get together with me since. You know my ego was liking that he was so addicted.. or so I had imagined.

But then a little over a week ago he called.

Jan 202011
You can't ask me for a blow job...

The following is an old post from 2010. I held off on posting it because I was not in my right mind – as you’ll see by the end of the post – and I wanted to wait until the anger passed to post it. Then I wanted to wait until the guy himself was essentially forgotten from my blog, lest he suffer any backlash from what could simply be my own psychosis altering perceptions…

It was this (plus a few other things) that convinced me to stop dating all together for quite a while last year, and it is this “thing” that rears it’s ugly head every time I do date.

I don’t expect this to make a whole lot of sense to those of you who have not been through sexual abuse, and I believe this is the most personal piece I’ve put up here…

Dec 132010
POF dating: Barking up the wrong tree

We met through POF, and had been chatting on and off. (Off, because I was being flaky) I wasn’t really “feeling it” through our online conversations, but I know from previous online to offline ventures that chemistry online doesn’t necessarily mean it will be there offline. Despite my flakiness, he was still actively pursuing me…

Nov 112009

Mr Penny Pincher from last week (see my last post “Where Does The Time Go?”) called me on Monday. After my not replying to his emails, he calls me. I of course do not answer. 1. Because I really feel like being a mega-bitch this week. 2. I really don’t want to talk to anyone – Extremely Antisocial 3. I […]