Jun 262017

Photo by Viktoria Hall-Waldhauser on UnsplashI had a great day on Friday. I was “over” Mr. TakeMe. I could move on. I met new people. Met a great guy.

On Saturday, the sex withdrawal started to hit me. It didn’t help that I had a really great makeout session the night before without sex to finish it off.  Then George started testing me his crazy, and I thought.. maybe George can take the edge off.

So I see George. I want to jump him but my brain runs me out of the place quickly before I do.

Then he texts me about another night alone in bed. He’s joking, but I jump in my car and am at his front door.

He arrives. We go inside and he starts to get on his computer. Instead of my usual waiting around, I say, “This is not why I came over. If you’re going to get on your computer I’m going to just go ahead and leave.” (Progress. Kudos to me)

We go upstairs and get undressed for sex. He lays there. I forgot how much he wants to be controlled, ordered around. It’s so different from Mr. TakeMe that I tell him it’ll take me a minute to adjust. George completely doesn’t understand what I mean, and it pisses me off enough that I just start ordering him around.

His touch isn’t like Mr. TakeMe’s. He’s not as primal. He’s not seizing the moment.

And then he gets bored of sex quickly. I’m not even close to being done. Sure I’ve “orgasmed” but not to satiety, and he knows it. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to continue. He’s done.

After months of really great sex with Mr. TakeMe… I miss it so much. I’m about to hit up 20 yr olds on Tinder for a hard dick and teach them just how to use it.

It doesn’t help that to go to the post office, I not only drive by Mr. TakeMe’s place.. but also his girlfriend’s house.

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