Jun 182017

Friday night, I decided to go out and find someone else. I was not going to be with Mr. TakeMe. I was going to find someone else.

I tried. But no one looked remotely interesting nor interested.  So I texted an ex-fuck, Jose (from back in February) who recently had started messaging me again. He asked where I was, and met me there.

He was fatter than I remembered, despite him telling me he’d lost weight. And he was uglier than I remembered.

And he was much more boring.. not that we’d talked much before.

But he wasn’t Mr TakeMe, so I decided to try Jose again. I remembered him being good last time.

But this time…

This time.. he couldn’t kiss right. He smelled overwhelming like onions.. like it was pouring out of his pores. *hurl*

His place was hot. He was sweaty..  I was sweaty.. and while he’s decently endowed.. I began to miss Mr. TakeMe.

It was at that moment that I realized.. just how attached I was.  I wondered if Mr TakeMe had messaged me. I wondered what he was doing.. who he was doing.. was he home with his kid? I wondered when his kid would come over. I knew he had his kids this weekend, I just didn’t know from what time to what time.

I tried to focus back on the current situation.. but it was hot (turns out the AC broke) and the sex just wasn’t all that awesome.

Jose isn’t interested in dating me. He made that clear. But fucking, sure he was up for it. He wants to see me again.

Maybe. We’ll see how desperate I get.

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