May 312017

It’s been too long since I’ve updated. So here’s the skinny.

George has proven to have real communication and understanding issues. I’ve decided it’s best if we don’t communicate as much as possible and probably best if we see each other out.. if we just do an acquaintance greeting and be done.  Seriously.

Jose has been dealing with his divorce and lawsuits by his ex. Long stories and lots of depression. He has left his stuff again at my place. On purpose. Because he wants to continue this. I can tell he wants to be in a good place, and wants to be what I need, but I can also see it in his demeanor that he knows he’s not yet and may never be. I finally saw him today for the first time in a couple weeks, and we just talked. More accurate to say, he talked. Because he’s so lacking any kind of attention span that I barely get a word in edgewise despite him actually making efforts to ask me questions and let me respond.


Mr. TakeMe though has gotten weird. I saw him Saturday night. He texted and insisted we meet at a bar. I told him I just wanted to meet at his place (I’d had enough to drink and didn’t need more), but found him at the bar anyway and he insisted we sit for drink.

Confused. I sat down and had a drink.

Soon he asks if I want another one. I say no. I tell him I want to go. He mutters something about me being confusing. I tell him that he’s being confusing, as he walks off to go to the restroom.

So I send him a text. “Let me clarify. I don’t want to drink. I won’t want to be here. I want to fuck you. Your place.”

Evidently, my statements that I only wanted him for sex on our previous encounters had been lost on him… because he comes out of the bathroom, takes one sip of his beer which was half full, and says: “Let’s Go.”

Yes, please!

It was the normal marathon of sex. (I woke up Sunday with muscles sore in places I didn’t realize were muscles.)

Then it got weird. He pulled me into snuggle and insisted I put my head on his chest with our arms around each other. He didn’t want to let me go. And every time I tried, he’d pull me in tighter.

He finally went to sleep and I extracted myself. I got dressed and got  him a glass of water, then woke him up. I knew he was dehydrated because he kept mentioning needing water, but wouldn’t let me go get it.

He walked me out and it was oddly sweet.


Then tonight Mr TakeMe texts and asks if I want to come over.  He caught me just as I was about to masterbate, so why not?

Then he wants to meet at the bar again. I insist on his place. Then I remember I need to eat and after 10 minute argument with him, he also states he needs food.  So I meet him at his place and drive him to food.

We eat and talk. We discuss dating and people we’re fucking. And oddly enough, he mentions something about open relationships not working.. which seems very anti-him.

So we drive back to his place and have a short marathon of sex.  Which at one point he says he is being purposefully rough with my vagina… which I like btw.. then he adds, “Because I want it to be mine.”

I almost didn’t hear him. Almost. But it was pretty clear and very confusing.

At the end, he insisted we cuddle. It was 2:40am and he needed to be up at 7. I finally insisted on leaving, but he didn’t want me to go.

He sweetly kissed my head and lips and held me tight.

I’ll probably keep my distance for a bit and hope that he wasn’t serious.

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