Apr 292017

O. M. G. I just got home from Round 2 with Mr. Hottest One Night Stand (see previous post from over a month ago).

Let me start by saying, tonight I was supposed to be with George. I wanted to be with George. Actually as hot as OMG tonight was with Mr. TakeMe, I’d still rather it was with George.

But George tonight didn’t want sex. He didn’t want to cuddle. Or kiss. Or be intimate at all. And me + drinking = fuck me now you bastard.  And all he wanted to do was listen to music that I don’t know and marvel about how I don’t know it and then play really fucking bad music that he thought was funny.

I spent about 20 minutes at his place before I was all “I’m out”. Partially I think he was mad at me and punishing me in his own passive aggressive way.  He thought I promised to go to his place earlier, when I didn’t. He didn’t understand “Spoons” (google The Spoon Theory) or why I was having a hard time getting out of bed to go anywhere. Despite him having similar issues himself. *sigh*

So I left his place. Got home. Realized there was still time before the bars closed. Thought about just staying home but well.. I wanted sex and it’s become quite obvious that George is not going to be able to fill that need adequately.

I went to a bar and hoped to see Mr Indian dude who keeps hitting on me, because I was just going to go up to him and say “Wanna fuck? Lets go!”  But alas he wasn’t there.

Wasn’t anyone fuckable at the bar, and then Mr. TakeMe shows up with a girl. And they sit right next to me, and somehow we get to talking.  I ask her how long she’s known him. She asks me. I tell her about the one night stand. She calls him an asshole. She invites me to join them at his place. I decline.

I’m not really a sharer or a threesome kinda girl. Especially not with another girl.

She insists. She talks to him and he’s clearly pissed that I disclosed that I knew him, and pretends he doesn’t know me.

This only makes things worse.

She insists that I join them. I don’t want to ruin her night so I decline. She insists that he really likes me. I decline.

I go to my car and text him. He texts me back pissed that I somehow cock-blocked him or outed him to another and how uncool it was.

Then he invites me over. He insists. I decline.

I decline.

I decline.

I go over.

He pays her about as little attention as one can without being completely rude. Don’t get me wrong, he was being super rude to her.. but still tried to include her.

This is my first .. let me say this again.. this is my FIRST adult sexual interaction with a female in my entire life.

She was a beautiful woman with amazing skin and nipples you could make meal out of.

The spots where she was involved .. were not hot. Her watching was kinda hot, because I’m all sorts of a bitch and fuck you, I got this dick. But otherwise, de nada.

I can now say that I’ve kissed a girl. But that’s about it. I did watch him fuck her until she came. It seemed to take forever. Evidently I do cum easy. -shrug-

But most of the time, he was insisting on being with me and in me and fucking like rabbits high on coke, speed, and ritalin. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I don’t think I am.

We fucked for hours.  HOURS.

Until I begged for a break, and he only acquiesced because she was there. Otherwise I don’t think I’d have gotten any break.

He knew how to push all the right buttons and he had no qualms about using those to his advantage.

It was just as hot as I’d remembered, and OMG.. YUM.

But other than hot sex, there’s nothing there. I know it, and I’m fairly certain he knows it.

Once I again, I left him passed out on his bed, exhausted.

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