Apr 232017

Well it turns out in my depressive mood I completely misread George’s message on Friday. Instead of being “Whatever” it was “I’ll do whatever to get in your pants”.. and the reason he didn’t clarify it was that he fell asleep.

Evidently his doctor put him on a new medication and it’s kicking his butt.

So I went over tonight to hang out for a bit. I knew he wasn’t feeling well so I offered to just hang while we played games on our phones.

And that’s what happened.

A couple kisses and once I’d gotten tired enough and decided to leave as evidently nothing was going to happen, we then had a hot but short makeout session

He was sweet the whole time. Serenading me with songs and talking … just from across the room with the random kiss when he got up to refill his drink or go to the bathroom.

I wore my heels. I’m technically not supposed to wear heels, per my podiatrist. But I can get away with these for a few hours now as long as I don’t over do it.

Anyway, he asked me to help him update his second computer and on my way over there.. I stepped wrong and twisted my ankle. Not bad, but still twisted it. This happens or used to happen all the damn time. I’m used to it.

He however, leaped up from his computer worried about me, asking if I was ok. It was quick and unthinking and sweet. It is these little things that makes me love him.

But the sweetness wasn’t to last.

I don’t know why the men I meet all seem to think it’s cool to tell me they hope to move away soon. But they do. Some tell me this on first dates..

George waited until we were parting to tell me that he hates his job and he wants to quit it and move to the West Coast.

I’ve been picturing building a house specially made for both of us so we can live together without murdering each other…

He’s thinking of packing up and moving away.


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