Mar 232017

Today started with a crazy amount of men attempting to get a date with me tonight. Rains it pours. Evidently this is what I’m to expect for dating.

First, there’s my BDSM guys who are always way too late to formally making a date with me.

Second, there’s Mr. Hair-Petter (bad date from last week). No.

Third, is a guy from OkStupid.

Fourth is a guy from Tinder.

Fifth… fifth isn’t up to actually doing a date. I’ll explain in a minute.

BDSM guys respond like the internet is something new.  So I might see one of them next week, maybe.

Hair-Petter is just a no. No no no no.. maybe if I’m desperate… um.. no.

I agree to meet both OkStupid guy and the Tinder guy tonight. Maybe.

So I talk to Fifth guy. Fifth guy, George started out a few weeks ago as a desperate attempt to get laid. I was lonely. He was there. We made friends on FB. He left the bar … just poofed into thin air.. and so I messaged him asking him to makeout.

We’re all adults. We all know what that means.

He was floored and stammered and didn’t accept right away. Instead I went home with the date-rapey hot-almost-sex guy.

The next time I saw George, he was acting strange. Hyper in that unattractive too excited way.. like a kid at Christmas.

But I could tell he was lonely.. he also posts on FB about being alone.. and I decided I was going to throw him a bone. I’ve made it rather clear that I’m not settling down, and that it would just be casual.

He didn’t seem overjoyed but not turned off either. He seems to like me a lot and not just sexually, which is odd for me.

So I have been trying to get with him for a while. He has a lot of insecurities and depression and anxiety, so I’d been pondering just being friends.

Tonight, I went to karaoke where he said he was and saw him. For once, he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. He wasn’t overly awkward. He came and sat near me while I ate and we talked.

When my food came, he was very helpful with making sure everything was perfect and that I had what I needed. My salad came with a cucumber and I took it off my salad, looking for a place to put it. He grabbed it and ate it.

It was a sweet gesture, and I almost kissed him right there.. for real.

He then got called up to the mic and sang a song he said was just for me. It was a sweet love song. Not too mushy. Not too eww.. but sweet.

I get the distinct feeling that being loved by him is not something you forget easily.

He left shortly after, and I went on my date with OkStupid.

After seeing OkStupid, I’m 100% sure we went out a couple years ago. He looks cute and nice. But then he opened his mouth. Zzzzzzzzz.

I check my phone. I see messages from George, including his address, asking me in his way to come over. I wish I’d have gotten them before my date with OkStupid, because I would have cancelled.

But it was too late. George had gone to sleep by the time I saw them, and I was stuck 20 minutes away.

Finally the date ends and I’m so turned off my OkStupid I decide to just go home.

Then Mr. Tinder messages me. Our conversation earlier was very frank. We’re both just looking for sex in each other. He’s only in town for a few days. We text sexy things and flirt. He mentions he’s getting hard as part of this flirting thing.

“Prove it” I reply.

He sends me a short video of a small hand and a large cock. Supposedly it’s his. We have a date tomorrow night so I shall find out.

Friday night though, George had better be ready.

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