Mar 212017

I’m not in love and he caught my cold. Poor thing. He says he doesn’t regret it though. So I guess there’s that.

Our most recent get-together had some issues. Minor things that could become big things.

We’re still seeing each other. I think. We’ll see once his cold wears off.

It’s still odd to me the way he encourages me to see and fuck other men… well actually men or women.  Supposedly this is the poly way, but it’s an adjustment.  My initial reaction is “OMG he doesn’t love me and wants me to be with someone else.” and then I remember that he’s poly so while he may not love me it doesn’t mean shit and might mean he does care about me.

He says he wants me to experience all the things I want to experience without limiting me at all. And I’m all YASSSSS! But it still feels a bit empty and lonely. I think it’s just that adjustment period, but I don’t know.

As far as him going out and doing whatever, I really don’t care. Well I care. I don’t want him getting hurt or getting some disease. But I’m not jealous or wanting to stop him. I knew who he was from our first date.

I have dates this week with vanilla men. Possibly a date with a Dominant and/or a submissive. We’ll see what comes out of scheduling.

There’s one dominant I’ve been chatting with. I wanted to meet him in person, but he wants to chat first. Our chats are basically “Hi” and “Bye”. He asks me nothing. I sometimes ask him something. He responds with something that generally ends the conversation.

On paper, he seems like the right fit for me or at least the closest I’ve seen lately… but this daily “Good Morning” bit is frustrating me to no end.

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