Mar 232017

Last night (Tuesday) I had a date. We’d been trying to get together for weeks but always had bad timing, so we set an official date.

I was sure he was going to run away screaming.. or I was. But it went fine.

Dinner was fine.

Conversation was fine.

I almost lost him when I told him that I don’t really like cannoli. But got him back on board as soon as I mentioned that he could have all the cannoli.

We joked around some. And then we went to leave.

He’d briefly mentioned us getting intimate later at the start of the date. It was a joke and in reference to offering to let me taste his beer out of his beer bottle.. cooties and all.

And at the end he briefly  mentioned doing something after but didn’t suggest anything and it was quickly forgotten.

He walks me to my car and offers a hug, and kisses me on the cheek. I haphazardly kiss his neck, because I’m like all grace n stuff.

He pulls away and thanks me for getting together.

End of.

I open my car door and say to myself, “Well I guess that didn’t go well.”

About an hour later I get an IM from him giving me his number and stating he had a good time and that he’d like to see me again.

*headspin* WTF?

Turns out, he was waiting for me to take the bait on the what to do after, and I was waiting for him to suggest something (the restaurant was my idea).


So we have another date setup for next week. This time just drinks.

** Stay tuned **

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