Oct 182015

maruska-sparrowimage Tonight, as I was listening to the song “Little Sparrow” covered by David Cook, I started to think back on the men I have dated, and in particular a man I was thinking about maybe possibly … but probably not.

The lyrics…

All ye maidens fair and tender
Never trust the hearts of men
They will crush you like a sparrow
Leaving you to never mend”

Caught in my head. I started to think about all the times that I thought I was starting something new only to find the men/boys had lied or deceived me in order to simply get their dicks wet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a frank conversation and be honest.. know what you’re getting into ahead of time? To be able to trust that other person to be honest back?

To be able to say, I really like sex and I’m looking for something long lasting… and if they aren’t, they admit it and respect you as a person enough to walk away.

See that’s the big issue. Respect. Honesty. Honor.

Where are all the men today?

I hear men all the time talking about how women and feminism is ruining men. Making them weak little pussies or whatever.

But you want to know what really makes a man?

Respecting someone else.
Being Honest about your intentions.
Having Honor in your actions that if someone says “Yes I want this, but only in this way” that they hear it and if they can’t fulfill it, they say so.

I was talking with a new friend yesterday, and we were discussing men and relationships… and I was admitting my stark lack of trust.

I really want to.. I want to trust someone again.. but I just don’t see it happening.

Men, is it really that important to have sex that you have to emotionally rape a girl to get it? You may think it’s no big deal. But it is. If you know a girl is looking for something more than just sex, and you persist with her, you are essentially promising to date her, and because of that, she is agreeing to sex now… rather than waiting. She has agreed to those parameters, and if you just walk away or have no intentions of dating her, you are raping her. Because if you were honest, you know she’d say no. You know it, and you do it anyway.

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