May 282012

This is what happens when you Google Image search for Unicorn + Man

I’ve been pretty much hermitting lately, so when Melia asked me to join her for drinks at the nearby karaoke dive bar.. I said I would join her despite having worked for 12 hours.


I went home after work and threw on clean party clothes and touched up my hair and makeup. By the time I was finished, I thought I looked pretty hot. I thought I might be a little too dressed up for the dive bar, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to feel “sexy” or “attractive”.


I arrive and have a few drinks and sing a few songs when Melia gets a “bootycall text” and has to leave. I’m solidly in party mood so I decide to stay there alone.


This is actually a pretty scary option. As a general rule this bar is full of 50+ geriatric losers and alcoholics, neither of which are anything I am looking for in any possible way. But I really didn’t want to go home, so I stayed praying that some kind of decent something would wander in.


About 20 minutes after Melia left, a guy too short for me to take seriously for dating, who looked like he was two steps away from completely blitzed, decided to flirt with me and bought me a drink.  I would have just ignored him and refused the drink, but standing next to him was a decent looking “my type” kinda guy and they looked like they were friends.


At my first opportunity, I introduced myself to his friend and well.. the rest is pretty much history.


Dave is geeky cute, and though I am seriously wanting to change the way he does his hair, there isn’t much about him that I’m seeking to change. Which is kinda new for me.


What first “sold” me on him is his humor. His humor is quite a bit like mine. Sarcastic without being mean or degrading.. the upbeat sarcasm. He also tends to pick on those he likes and give people a bit of a hard time.. lightly.. not in a way in which makes them look or feel like a fool. It’s a fine line and he walks it with confidence. He’s freaking funny.


We have similar glasses. Black plastic rims. So being my annoying and playful self, I removed his glasses (without asking btw, just simply told him “Hey let me see your glasses” as I took them off. He really had no choice in the matter.) and went to put them on myself.


“Woah, I can’t see out of these at all. These are strong.”  I waved my hand in front of his face. “Can you even see my hand?” I teased.


“Well, let me try out yours then!” He promptly put on my glasses, and then growled out as playfully condescending as possible, “Lightweight”, then put his own glasses back on and grinned at me.


I laughed.


We had a lot of fun talking and making fun of his drunk friend. His drunk friend wasn’t a bad drunk, and didn’t mind the teasing.  We laughed quite a bit actually. By the time the bar closed, I felt as if we were all good friends.


We left together-ish. The two of them dawdled a bit as they wanted to say goodbye to the bartender who was a good friend of theirs.


The drunk guy came out first actually. I was outside already at my car playing with dog. She insists on coming with me as much as possible, and since night time here is cool enough yet that she can safely sit in the car and wait for me, I give in and bring her along. So the drunk friend came over to pet and play with her.


It didn’t take long for Dave to come join us. They both played with my dog for a while, asking questions about her and commenting on her. She was relishing the attention, but eventually grew tired and jumped back in my car as if to say, “Ok, time to go home now.”


“She wants to go home eh?”


“Yeah, she’s like that. Always trying to tell me what to do.”


We laughed, and his drunk friend finally wandered off for a bit, so I handed Dave my card. “If you want to keep in touch or something.”


Dave smiled, and said thanks. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again. He said he came back to Austin often, and even said when he’d be back next month. But I know how these things usually go, so I’m not expecting much.


His drunk friend came back for a little bit to check in on us and play some more with my dog.


“Ok, well I’m going to go sit in the car and leave you two alone to talk.”


“Naw it’s ok, I think we’ve already said everything that needs to be said. It’s ok.” I said as he was walking away.


It was true. We had “said” everything that needed to be said.


Shortly after his friend had walked away, Dave opened his arms up for a hug and I obliged happily. It was a good solid embrace and neither of us was in any hurry to let go. When we finally did, Dave moved in to kiss me and I more than happily reciprocated.


I believe I heard him say something along the lines of “Wow” midst our kissing, but I wasn’t really listening. I was too busy attempting to keep my knees from buckling and stay standing.


We kissed several times, each one ending too soon, so we had to start over. He never tried to take it further, nor did he make any gestures of wanting more than just a few kisses.


I really wasn’t sure what to make of it. He lives out of town, so I was fully expecting him to just want a “one night stand” or to push for sex. He didn’t.


Instead he smiled happily, and opened my car door for me, saw me get safely inside, kissed me again quickly, and closed my door for me.


Happy and bewildered, I drove myself home.


An hour later, I get a text message on my phone.


“Hi Maruska. It was a blast getting to meet and know you tonight. Hope you made it home safe as we did. Decided not to go for food. So here is my number as I am taking advantage of having yours. :)”


Jaw-Drop. It’s been so long since I’ve been “courted” that I hardly know what to do when a guy is actively seeking me.. well, a guy that I want to be actively seeking me anyway.


We text back and forth for a little but we’re both tired and simply say goodnight.


The Sunday (the next night) night he calls as he’s driving the 2 hours home just to check in and say hi.


Today (Monday), we’ve been texting each other all day. Nothing special or serious, but just chatting. And nothing sexual either. If it wasn’t for our heated kissing session, I’d be suspicious that he was gay.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone this interested and not wanting to jump immediately in bed… I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, but I think I’ll just enjoy this as long as it lasts.

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