Dec 232011

I’m going to start at the very beginning. I saw him on OkCupid. He messaged me a “hello” and we got to talking about our equal dislike for spectator sports.  Two messages in, and he’s asking me to meet him for drinks that night. I had plans so I couldn’t.


He messages me again wanting to meet for drinks but this time with 2 hours notice, and I don’t actually see the message until 3 hours after he posted it. So I message him back that I just saw the invite after the fact. He wants to meet right then and there.. and am I available?


As a general policy, I don’t accept dates of any kind on no notice. I also wasn’t prepared to go out, so I said I couldn’t make it, but how about tomorrow?


He said, “Sure, 5pm? At the Flying Saucer?” (This was for Wednesday evening)


“ok see you then”


An hour later I get a message, “I’m sorry I already planned something else that night. I’m free on Friday.”


“Ok, friday same time and place then?”




So I’m all set for Friday and working myself up to have the courage.  Then Wednesday hits and I get a message in the afternoon.


“Hey, I’m available tonight a little later. Would you like to meet around 6:30pm?”


By this time, I’m annoyed with the date changes and being asked out like this. I gave him my phone number a couple days earlier.  I also was still hibernating from last week, so I told him I couldn’t and that I’d just see him on Friday.


He replies, “Ok, well I’ve got Friday off, but I’ve plans for the afternoon, movies and shopping with friends. Can we meet a little later? Maybe 7pm?”


“Ok, sure. 7pm, Friday at the Flying Saucer. See you then.”


Friday (today) comes, and at 6pm he calls after texting (which I didn’t see until much later). I answer.


“Hey would you mind moving the date down south a little further? I’m down south and would you mind coming to a place closer down here?”


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I almost cancelled the date right then. We couldn’t find a different place to meet that we could agree on, so we decided on the Flying Saucer.


I was running late anyway, and so I thought.. he seems to be good with changes..


“Hey, could we move our date back to 7:30? I’m running just a touch late.”


I didn’t need to wait, I could hear him not being happy with it as I said it.


“I kinda have plans later, so can we just meet at 7?”


“Yeah thats fine. I’ll rush and try to get there at 7pm.”


I end up getting there at 7:08. He sees me walk in waves me down. (I seriously not sure how he knew who I was. My profile pic on OkCupid is of half my face barely and thats it.)


Anyway, we get to talking. Movies, music, jobs, art… lots of music and art. We have quite a bit in common, but not a whole lot.


He’s just now learning to be a connoisseur of beer. While I still have many left to taste, I’ve been there for a while. He knows nothing about wine, so I’ve got a leg up on him with that as well. He also drinks vodka, but he mixes it so he’s not particular on that at all. But he seems willing to learn, so I’m seeing drinking in our future.


He also likes to work with his hands. (YES)


There were several small pauses of.. “Ugh this is awkward, what do I say now?” but we managed to find something for an hour and a half. At which time I was expecting him to say he needed to go.  You know cuz he had those plans.


Instead, he asked, “So what are your plans this weekend?”


“Oh, tomorrow is baking. Pie, possibly fudge, maybe some cookies since I’ll already have the oven on. I’ll probably start the fudge tonight actually.”


“Sounds good, if you need help eating the leftovers let me know” he grinned.


I asked him his plans.. and it was family stuff Christmas eve and Christmas day. Then he asked if I wanted to continue the date, but then backtracked stating that I probably needed to get my fudge done.


WTF?  He seriously seemed like he wanted to continue things. I have no idea what happened to his plans. I mentioned that I could hang out for a few more hours, and he thought about it but decided that I should go home and work on my fudge. (I’m writing this post instead.)


He asks if I’m available tomorrow night (Christmas Eve) as his family dinner will be over by 9pm and would like to hang out.  I told him I might be elbow deep in flour, but to call me and we’ll see.


So then he says he’ll walk me to my car, and gets up.


“Don’t we need to pay for our beers?”


“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot. I bought mine up at the bar and thats all I had.”


So I ask the waitress for my bill and she gives it to me. He didn’t offer to pay for it but waited patiently while I did. (He loses points for that.)


We walk out to the car, and he gives me a hug. A tight hug that lasts quite a while. It was odd, but very clear that it wasn’t just a friendly hug.  As we let go, he moved in to kiss me.  As he moves in, a gust of wind blows my hair to get stuck in my lipstick, and he gives me a kiss on top of the hair. I almost laughed, but I didn’t.


It was just a quick pressing of the lips type of kiss, and then we parted.

Not sure why, but I really want to read this book. I bet it's hilarious.


I’m really not sure what I think about it. He’s cute and seems sweet, but I’m having a hard time believing that he’s really into me and not just out for sex. Not that I wouldn’t mind a bit of meaningless sex.. but it’s not what I’m looking for either. (This doubt of him is likely my insecurities out to play) But I’m not sure I’m all that into him either.


We’ll see how things play out. Who knows.

  6 Responses to “Yes, no , yes, no, yes, no.. The date that almost didn’t happen”

  1. Don’t walk, run.

    At best he’s a complete flake, seeing 17 other women.

  2. Don’t walk, run.

    At best he’s a complete flake, seeing 17 other women.

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  4. […] the first time. However, since first impressions aren’t always accurate, I decided to give Mr. Cheap from last friday a second […]

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