Dec 112011

This has to be my least blog-worthy date. I mean other than the fact that I actually went out on a date, which in itself is pretty darn blog-worthy.


Mick is a relatively attractive man roughly 5’10. His profile says he’s 6’0, but if he’s 6’0 then I’m 5’10 and grew several inches in the last couple days.


He has dark hair, and blue eyes. He’s fit and rather sexy.. if it wasn’t for something I can’t put my finger on about his mouth/eyes/face that seems off. I’ll figure it out eventually. He’s still cute though.


He’s a waiter who has an ebay store, and loves sports. So much so that he was stating years/time frames by sporting historical events.


“I was in Chicago during the time when the Cubs.. ” blah blah blah.. And named several athletes which I couldn’t tell you which sport they played or who they were. I smiled/nodded a lot.


He likes to talk.. a lot.. and seemed really nervous, which is odd for me with decent looking men. Generally I’m the one with the social anxiety and saying stupid stuff.


He quite literally put on the table every bad thing about him.


“I read on your profile that you’re allergic to cats? I have two cats. I hope that’s not a deal breaker.”


I was honestly so shocked that he even cared enough to worry about it being a deal breaker, that I said it wasn’t one.

This has nothing to do with anything, other than I saw it and I want it.


He went on and talked about… well, a lot of things actually.. He’s an avid talker of verbal vomit, and he’s very well aware of it. He stopped apologized several times for his hijacking the conversation.


Like I said earlier, he seemed really nervous. (I don’t think he realizes how cute he is.)


He told me about how in debt he is… not in a way that even remotely hinted that I should help him with it, but like you’d mention that you were trying to quit smoking. Just putting the cards on the table.


I however didn’t put my faults on the table so blatantly. I got a whole heaping stewful and it’s best if those come out slowly. If they all came out at once, it would literally sound as if I should be euthanized for my own benefit.


We talked for an hour, and it was time for him to head to work. But he didn’t leave. 10 minutes later, he was still there. 10 more minutes later, he reluctantly said he had to go. (Partly because I told him if he was late to work I’d feel bad.) He didn’t seem to want to leave.


Which was weird because:


A. Our entire conversation seemed to only prove just how much we DON’T have in common, with several moments of “Uh umm..” pauses while we tried to find something to say.


B. I am not THAT hot to make A. not matter.


Then he asked to see me again, and detailed his entire work schedule for me, stating that while he was going to be busy with the holidays, he would be happy to make time for me even during his 10 hour workdays.  (For me, 10 hours on my feet and I’d be ready for mass homicide.)


He was nice, sweet, and a gentleman the entire time.


I’m not sure I see it going anywhere, but we’ll see I guess.

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