Dec 032011

It was bound to happen eventually, but someone pissed me off today to the point where I decided I just HAD to write a post.


For those of you who don’t know me, or just recently met me and don’t know my history, let me just let you know that I have never been the “need to be in a relationship always” kind of girl.  Honestly, I’ve been “happily” single for most of my adult life with periodic “dating” relationships and a 8 year stint of which 6 of those I was married.


I can manage just fine on my own without being someone’s girlfriend/lover/wife. I go months between relationships, healing from one before I start the next one. So what I say next, may seem a little strange.


One of the biggest fallacies, lies, untruths, propaganda, bullshit, that flies around the dating world is the following notion:


“I don’t need a relationship to be happy.”


First, you might actually be one of the lucky ones, but for 99% of the world that isn’t Sheldon Cooper’s emotional equivalent.. we need some kind of relationship to be happy.


Now some of us try to fill this void with pets (know a single girl with 6 cats?), work, casual sex, friends, and social events. And for many, this works for a while and can feel “happy”.


However, I don’t know ONE single male or female that would not seize the moment if the relationship of their dreams was right before them.  Seriously, who are you fooling?


I’m tired of the self-righteous morons preaching.. “Believe in yourself. Love yourself. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy.”


I do “get it” though that there are those mental cases who quite literally cannot be a day, an hour, a moment without being in a relationship. Those people are freaking codependent mental cases, and should all find each other quickly or be sent to rehab for their addiction.


But for most of us, it doesn’t do us any favors to pretend that we’re satisfied with our single lot in life. Lying to yourself is never the answer.


Instead, just know this.. you’re all lovely people and adorable creatures.


Just because you’d rather be “Happily Single” than “Miserably Married” doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re happy about it.

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  1. *nods*

    I’ve had two dates in 3 and a half years. I’m very good at being alone. Doesn’t mean I prefer it.

  2. *nods*

    I’ve had two dates in 3 and a half years. I’m very good at being alone. Doesn’t mean I prefer it.

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