Nov 022011

YourTango posted a story today (or it came across my proverbial desk today) about some new vibrating device that allows for mutual orgasms during sex.


Their Facebook post about it asked “We-gasm: Myth or Real Thing?”


My first thought was.. uh.. Is mutual orgasms during sex that rare? And then I got worried.


One, I worried that mutual orgasms were that rare and I’d already used up all the mutual orgasms that I was allotted in my lifetime. (So scary of a thought that I’d rather just be celibate if that’s the case.)


Two, I worried that I was some sexual freak of nature.


I’m still worried about option two there.


You see, my best orgasms have always been during intercourse and they’ve all been mutual orgasms. Sure sure, I’ve had bad sex.. I’ve had sex without orgasm.. I’ve had orgasms at the wrong time failing the mutual orgasm.. But my best orgasms have always been during actual intercourse.


It’s the only time I can really free myself up enough to let loose and enjoy. Where my mind, heart, soul, and body work together.


Theoretically, I might achieve a similar experience if someone else was holding a vibrator for me.. but I don’t think so.


You see, one of the biggest parts of it for me is having that other person there.. hearing them enjoy themselves.. feeling them live inside me.. their scent.. their sound.. their energy.


It’s animalistic.. it’s companionship.. it’s affection.. it’s raw.. uncensored.. in the NOW.


Or maybe… maybe I’m a freak of nature who’s g-spot is easily accessible.


Though I do have some tips on how to screw up sex with me:


1. Unless we know each other well, and I know you don’t really mean it. Use words like “Slut, Whore…” you’ll also want to use words like dirty and trashy. Also if you can call me fat.. that would give you bonus points for ruining sex.


2. Be absolutely quiet about how close you are to cumming, and only tell me after you’re done. (This will also ensure that I will never want to have sex with you again.)


3. Call me one of your ex’s names. (though really, if I’m only into you for the sex this won’t affect anything except I may throw a faux-punishment into the mix for you)


4. Take hours with foreplay. I’m ready to go, and you’re still just kissing my neck.. should I just do my nails until you’re ready? Oh wait, then we’ll just have to start over.


5. Have your body trained to only get hard if you’re getting a blow job. NEXT.


6. Tell me it’s ok for me to go ahead and cum when you don’t, and then you cum immediately afterward so I can’t even work up another orgasm to mutually orgasm with you. (This frustrates me to no end. Seriously, stop doing that shit.)


7. Insist on me being on top. I just cannot orgasm while on top. Maybe if I had a monkey bar above me to hold onto? I don’t know. I just cannot relax enough on top or get in the right position where it’s good for you and me at the same time. The few times I’ve even come close to orgasm while on top, I’ve … er… fell off. Literally. Which is a little dangerous as I ended up with a goose-egg on my head and totally ruined any desire I had for an orgasm.


As for what I do on my part for a mutual orgasm? Hmm.. let me see..


First let me explain that a mutual orgasm is like bliss for me. It is always my end goal .. yes even if I’m using a guy for sex.. because I feel like a super-woman-sexy-rockstar when I accomplish it.


As most of you know.. orgasms are partly mental and partly physical. I’m quite certain you could probably force an orgasm physically if you knew how.. just as you can train yourself to mentally orgasm (or orgasm on command – yes you can train a human body to orgasm on command just like you’d train your dog to roll over).


Sex for me is always a combination of the two but mostly mental. As long as you’re not totally distracting my mind from orgasm – aka doing something horridly wrong – I can usually get there. I have in essence trained myself to control my own orgasms… to some extent. I’ve also at times enlisted help.. but thats another story for another time I think.

Maybe I’m the only girl that works this way.. maybe I’m just a kinky freak of nature.. or ??  I don’t know. Are mutual orgasms that unusual?

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