Nov 192011

Sometimes I love my voicemail to text. I swear it hears like I do sometimes. You know when anything that can be heard wrong is?


This is the text converted voicemail I got from Mr. Non-Tech:


“Hello. I took a shower with my wifey and I’m taking those spin sac within the  washer and now it’s still spinning. No, I’m just kidding. Been good… fine. Everything is good. I am approaching with shaking knees so I’m a little (out of?) energy but give me a call and let me know if…where you wanna go or you haven’t seen Mark and we should like to  know. All right. Talk to you soon. Bye.”


1. If Mr. Non-Tech did have a “wifey”, he’s not stupid enough to leave it on my voicemail.


2. Who the freaking frack is “Mark”?


So I knew right away the voicemail was screwed, but how screwed I didn’t know. Mr. Non-Tech does have a good sense of humor so…  so rather than run through the hoops to listen to the actual recording.. I called Mr. Non-Tech.


We had a good laugh.


Here is what it was supposed to say:


“Hello. I took a shower with my laundry and I’m in the spin cycle in the washer and it just keeps spinning.  No, I’m just kidding. I’m good.. fine.. Everything is good. I’m drinking a shake because I’m a little low on energy. But give me a call and let me know where you want to go or if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to go.  All right. Talk to you soon. Bye”


I swear voice to text is all good and well… until someone I’m .. well.. I think we’re dating? I’ll have to get back to you on that.. and then it’s all sorts of throwing in wives that don’t belong there.


It did give us something to laugh about.. and I’ll probably be teasing him about his “wifey” for a few days.. weeks.. months.. Cuz that’s how I roll y’all.

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