Nov 212011

Well, I’m giving this till the end of the week and then I’ll be moving on. That whole waiting around to see if we’re just friends or more than friends is just too much to ask. I am not that patient when I already know what I want.


Last night we talked again. He’s gotten into the habit of calling late at night, and I’ve gotten into the habit of accepting those calls because.. well I have nothing better to do, and I want to talk to him.


He called me “Friend” a couple times. Then complimented me several times very sweetly, and told me he found himself nervous talking with me because I was a woman. He even hypothetically talked about buying me flowers.


It was when he went on a little tirade about not settling until he found a connection like he’d had with this ex 6 yrs ago. That I realized this is probably just a pipe dream on my part.


You could quite clearly tell from his voice that he wasn’t over her. I don’t think he’s ever let go, and most likely has romanticized her until no one can measure up. And no two people are ever going to have the same connection that you had with someone else, it’s always going to be different.


They’d been friends for two years before they finally got together. Then I guess magic happened or something. (Can’t tell that I’m bitter about it can ya?)


I just can’t wait around for 2 years. Nope not doing it. So he’s got till this weekend before I suddenly start being busy and he’s put in the “Just Friends” box.


The only thing left for me to decide is if I tell him how I feel or not. I’m just not sure if it’ll make any difference.  Decisions Decisions.

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