Oct 312011

This is not how my online dating is going.


I was looking through some old emails, and it seems I emailed myself an old Yahoo Chat conversation from back in 2009?


And so I read it. It’s hilarious in a very sad sad way… and even sadder this is still how online dating is for me today.


Here is.. unedited other than name changes to protect the… weird.. the conversation:


Pat Lastname: hello

Pat Lastname has selected the “Falling Hearts” IMVironment.


Pat Lastname: you there

ME: who is this?

Pat Lastname: i’am Pat Lastname

ME: Do I know you?

Pat Lastname: i saw your profile on the {online dating} site and was very intrested in knowing you so i decided to add you up to mt list

ME: ah.. who are you on there?

ME: link to your profile?

Pat Lastname: i’am Pat

Pat Lastname: and my loggin name on there………..lovepat4me

ME: you’re separated?

Pat Lastname: i’ don’t understand

ME: your profile says you’re separated?

Pat Lastname: yea i’am legally separated

Pat Lastname: that’s it

ME: not divorced?

Pat Lastname: i will tell you

Pat Lastname: i was married to a woman i truely love and has given my heart to

ME: and?

Pat Lastname: i’am a petroleum engineer a due to the nature of my job i do travell for contract bases

ME: umm ok

Pat Lastname: ….and due to the inflence of some bad canadian girls she  started taken hard drugs

Pat Lastname: and the drugs was then a habit on her that makes her became a junky a

Pat Lastname: she really fuck

ME: k

Pat Lastname: i feel sad each time i keep bringing back my memories to her

ME: So why not divorce?

Pat Lastname: i decided to have a legal sepration .coz of my only daughter

Pat Lastname: i have been legally seprated for bout 6 years now and have been lonely

ME: umm ok..

Pat Lastname: i’am just trying to have a life back here

Pat Lastname: i’am new on this site

Pat Lastname: hello…

Pat Lastname: you still here with me?

ME: I don’t think i’m the girl for you

Pat Lastname: why do you say that

Pat Lastname: ?

Pat Lastname: i have to get to know you

Pat Lastname: and then see what the fucture hold for both of us

Pat Lastname: what do you think?

ME: well.. I say this, because I don’t really see us getting along. You live too far away, and I don’t feel like having a long distance romance.. and you travel all the time which is not ideal for me at this point.

Pat Lastname: nope babe don’t say that …..you have already started concluding

Pat Lastname: that the main reason i say we have to talk a lil more to get to know bout each other

Pat Lastname: about the distance thing

Pat Lastname: distance have nothing to do with the heart…..i have made a vow to my self that if the lord God almighty is going to make me find my soul mate i am ready to do anything to make her happy

Pat Lastname: i want to have a happy family again and i want to love again

Pat Lastname: baby if you are truely the right woman for me mantion it and i promise i will make it up to you

ME: Ok.. 1st if you want a family again, you’ll need to divorce. Second, I can guarantee you.. I am not your soul mate

Pat Lastname: baby i have all the welth i need in this world to make us a happy family

Pat Lastname: baby who is legally seprated is seprated for life she is no maore now

Pat Lastname: after we se[preated due to much hard drug she pass out

Pat Lastname: she’s resting in the bossom of the lord i’will say

Pat Lastname: i need my happiness back

Pat Lastname: i need a life back and nothing more

Pat Lastname: you still here with me????????

ME: ok.. your ex is dead?

Pat Lastname: yea she’s dead

ME: ok then why don’t you list yourself as a widower

ME: not legally separated

Pat Lastname: you passout three years after we were seperated

ME: please stop contacting me.

Pat Lastname: she

Pat Lastname: why

Pat Lastname: you don’t have to say that

Pat Lastname: i am just telling you about myself and nothing more

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