Aug 152011

Well I went out on a date tonight. I’m not sure you can call it a date. It was a meet & greet if that.


But it was just one more thing on “Why I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed today”


My day started normally. I didn’t want to get out of bed and felt like calling in sick though I wasn’t.


Traffic to work this morning was a lovely shade of “OMG can you just move already?”  followed by a “Thank God I’m not late to work.” as I pulled in the parking lot.


The rest of the day was wonderful on wonderful. Meetings and customers of much more astonishing caliber than usual. I spent an entire hour trying to help a customer who’s English skills were similar to the following:


“I help me you do recursive jointing.”  and when asked for a URL asked “What is URL?” and when presented with a link (such as ) Said he didn’t get a link. Then 10 frustrating minutes later started asking me questions about items on said link – which he never saw. “What link?”


It’s a wonder all tech support professionals do not go postal, but then it’d be hard to group all the morons together in one place to make it worth our effort.


Then I got my period. Oh and with no pain meds in my purse.


Normally at this time I’d have ruled the day a loss. I’ve posted before about how lovely I am on my first day of my period.


But I had a date tonight and due to our impossible scheduling.. I knew if I canceled it’d be a long while before we’d be able to meet.


So what the hell.. right? Maybe I could grab a glass of wine on the date.


I get off work. Traffic is backed up all the way from the work intersection to where the turn off for my apartment is. In my morning rush, I have no makeup on and my work clothes. So I have to get home.


I’m in a rush because he insisted that we meet at 6pm. I get off at 5pm but never manage to get out of the office until at least 5:20. Then there’s the changing clothes thing, and the letting the dog out to pee thing.. and I end up running late.


I text him that I’m running late. He doesn’t reply.


I run down the stairs of my apartment. Miss a step and end up landing on my ass. My foot hurts. Dagnabit.


I get in my car and somehow over turn my purse emptying it all over the seat.


I drive there and in the turn lane where I need to go, the people in the two cars ahead of me proceed to get out and argue.  Through the green light. Then starting the next red.  The girl drives off in tears mouthing “F-ck you” to the guy.


Finally I get going. I arrive.. late.


He’s there and has already ordered a drink. Tea.


Because I’m late and I don’t want to look like the alchie.. I also order tea. (It’s cheap and I already feel bad for making him wait.)


He’s a little slow to pay but he does, though asks me if I have the 17 cents to finish the transaction. (not a fan of that)


We have a good conversation.  Then 40 minutes later he says he has to go. Some meeting with one of his clients.


This must be why he insisted on 6pm, but it still feels like he’s abandoning the date. I’m still not sure what to make of it. No promise to meet up later or asking for another date. We did a 4 feet apart wave goodbye.  So I’m not thinking I’ll hear from him again.


I drive home upset.  I decide to spoil myself by getting takeout.


I pull in my parking space, and hear a loud snap sound and a crash/thud behind me. I turn around to see a squirrel hit the ground on his back and thrash around with seizures. I realize that it was just hit by a BB gun and I look around for the shooter. The squirrel takes a while to die. It makes me sad and angry.  It’s not like were I live now is full of squirrels and not like any of us living here have a yard to care about.


Out the back of my neighbor’s fence pops a guy. He’s smiling like he just won a huge prize. He sees looks at the squirrel now dead on the ground. He looks up at me. His smile disappears and he runs back inside the fence.  I stand there debating if BB guns are legal and should I knock on the fence to yell at him about it?


The dying squirrel’s seizures are stuck in my head.  I don’t know what to do, so I go inside my apartment.


I grab a glass for water and drop it in the sink on accident. It shatters into a million pieces.  I don’t even bother to pick it up until I finish eating. It can wait. I’m done with today.


The food is cold.

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  2. New Post: Some days I just wake up knowing I shouldn't get out of bed.

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