Jun 102011

Last night, I wanted to go out. It’d been a while since I’d done any kind of bar hopping man hunting and I soooo wanted to “prowl”.


So I got together with a friend of mine who I know likes to go out and meet people, aka prowl.


Initially she invites me to join her at a restaurant/bar nearby as she’s there with a group. I arrive and there might be 5 people under the age of 45 there. A good 80% of the group is way over 50. Absolutely NOT my hunting grounds, and everyone was talking enthusiastically about the ROT rally in town tonight or this weekend or whatever.


I’m not into motorcycles. Not even a little bit. I often find the sounds they make obnoxious on top of the fact that they are death traps on most roads. (Not usually the fault of the motorhead, but still deadly.) And thus, not even close to being “sexy” to me.


As such, I was bored out of my freaking mind!


Thats when I got a message on OkStupid from a guy. He seemed cute enough, but hadn’t filled out any of his profile details, not that I checked at the time. I saw he wrote and wrote back.


ATXGuy – “Hello How are you?”

Me – “I’m ok. Out drinking with a friend, and bored as hell. How are you?”

ATXGuy – “I am good. Also bored at home watching tv. Why are you bored if you are out drinking and having fun with your friend?”

Me – “She dragged me to a meeting of the (edited). Everyone is like 50+ or so. Heading the hideout now”

Yes yes, you read that right. My second text I tell him exactly what bar I’m going to.  There’s a delay in our conversation and replies… and my friend and I quickly decide against the Hideout, and move onto another bar.


ATXGuy – “oh I see  Where are you heading now?”

Me – “Heading to the watertank. Come join”


Yes and my third message to him is “Come Join”.  It wasn’t until after that I looked to see his profile.  I was bored and I couldn’t have cared less if he’d have showed up 5’4″ and 300 lbs or obnoxious.. or stupid.  Serial rapist? Sure.. I was that bored. I just didn’t care.


We ended up chatting back and forth all night pretty much. He was coming to join me, got sidetracked picking up a drunk friend. Then I mistakenly told him “Waterloo” when it was “Woodrows” so he couldn’t find the place and gave up.


Funniest part of all this was that I wasn’t being nice to him really.


For example, a few responses later…


ATXGuy – “Yes I would like to meet you and hang out”

Me – “Then get your ass here :)”


Yep, I’m suave! People will write books about my suavite’ someday. (Also about my creative word choices that aren’t really words.)


It continues the rest of the night:


Me – “You here?”

ATXGuy – “I was at the wrong place and my phone die :-/  Now I’m back home”

Me – “Lame. Bored at Woodrow’s. I’m starting to think your leading me on. :(”

ATXGuy – “You said waterlooos. I went and didn’t find it then phone die so cod message. I’m not leading you. If you weren’t driving with your friend I would tell you come over :-D”

Me – “I don’t know you. Come to waterloo.”

This morning, I got a nice note.


ATXGuy – “I do want to get to know you. I didn’t find that place you told me :-/  I hope you having a good day”


How is he still talking to me? Seriously?


I send a simple reply back, and he asks me what I’m doing today, and then asks me out.


ATXGuy – “I’m just relaxing. I don’t have any plans for later. You want to do something?”

Me – “Sure. What’d you have in mind?”

ATXGuy – “Maybe a movie or something”

Me – “Hmm trying to get me into a dark room already? sheesh 🙂 How about we meet for coffee or drinks? See how that goes. Or maybe bowling or something?”

ATXGuy – “he he .. no I didn’t mean it like that. Ok coffee sounds good ;)”


Thankfully he gets my humor.. or maybe he’s just a glutton for punishment.


We spend the next 20 minutes texting back and forth through OkStupid to arrange the place.  He replies..


ATXGuy – “Okay that sounds good ;)”

Me – “is there a particular time? or should we just show up and see if we happen to be there at the same time? You know test out the fates or whatnot?”


I swear I’m a bitch. Or he’s a glutton for punishment?


We’ll see tonight.



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