Mar 192011

I may have uncovered my new calling… or old calling as it is. I cannot put in numbers the amount of times I’ve sat and listened to someone talk about their relationship, and have given them a new perspective or advice.  Nor can I count the times that I’ve been sought out for my perspective or advice.


A few posts ago, I spoke about a man I’d met who was dating a friend of mine. I talked about how she couldn’t see his value, and was wanting to end the relationship because he wasn’t like the men she usually dated.


During that evening I’d spoken to her several times and explained to her the type of man that he was, and the differences between dating a man like him and the men she usually dated. I explained to her the difference in the values and perspectives of each “lifestyle” choice in such a way that showed neither to be bad, but equal in their differences.


At the time, she seemed to understand what I said, but still seemed convinced she needed to dump him.


Over the last few weeks, I observed her on Facebook.  They were still together and posting cheesy lovey-dovey pictures of themselves. Then her status changed from “single” to “in a relationship”. Then she posted that she was taking him to meet her parents.


She seemed happy with him. I was a little puzzled, but figured it was her life and hoped that she somehow got over her doubts about the relationship.


I put them out of mind, and continued with my own life’s stresses.


Then last night, I saw her at a small gathering of friends.  She mentioned her boyfriend, and opened the door:


“Yes, I saw that you two were still together. Why didn’t he come tonight?”


“Oh, he had to work.”


There was a short pause, then she leaned over to whisper in my ear.


“I need to thank you for your advice the other night. You’re the reason we’re still together.  I really took what you said to heart, and I couldn’t be happier. I really love him.”


So, there ya go.


Relationship Guru at your service!


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