Mar 012011

Tonight a friend texted me asking if I wanted to join her at a bar nearby. I was heading out for food anyway, and decided to just eat at the bar she was at… you know.. test out the food.


(The food was damn better than where I was going to go in the first place btw. So total WIN there.)


I arrive and she’s sitting with a couple guys. The one next to her is cute, and I assume she’s called “dibs” already.


A few minutes later, she introduces me to him as her boyfriend.


Then she starts whispering to me privately that she is going to break up with him.


“He’s kinda a loser.”


The guy is fucking hot. He’s sweet, nice, and looks like the kinda guy you’d snuggle on the couch with watching movies. He also has just that touch of rugged, that makes him irresistible for me.


“What do you mean?”


She starts explaining that he makes very little money, and that seems to be the big deal.


He’s a musician and as such does a “real” job just for pay so he can afford to play music.


“Oh.. ok. Well dating artists can be difficult like that. Is he any good?”


“Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.”


So I start to explain to her the benefits of dating an artist vs dating a corporate guy… which is usually who she dates.


She insisted that the differences were too great. She was going to break up with him soon.


“We’re just better off friends.” She said later after admitting that some of the things he does were getting on her nerves.


The thing is.. I watched him.  I saw what he did.. how he treated her.. how he moved.. word choices.. actions.. and I heard him sing. He was an awesome boyfriend, and a damn good singer. He supposedly writes songs and plays the guitar pretty well too.


I have always wanted a nuclear family with a husband who could sing.. so we could do duets, and teach our kids how to play music.. etc..


The more time I spent with him getting to know him.. the more I realized that he seemed to fit the “Dream guy” .. or at least the dream guy of years ago that I gave up on ever finding. I did mention that the guy is hot as well, right?


And he’s totally sold on her.  (That loyalty is a good sign.. I wouldn’t want a man who flirted with every girl.. that loyalty is just one more notch of attraction on his belt.)


And she’s going to break his heart.


And I… will never be able to date him now.


Tonight was fun and bitter sweet.  He and I got along very well. We loved the same music. Enjoyed each others humor. We had a blast.


But it will never be more than that.. and I’m sure our goodbye tonight is the last I’ll ever see him.




How do you deal with meeting Mr. Right who is only your friend’s Mr. Right-Now?


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