Nov 072010

I’m confuzzled, so I thought I’d write this out and hopefully by the end of this I’ll get a better grasp of the subject… if not, I may need your help.

I met this guy about a year or so ago. Actually he’s probably mentioned here in a story about that meeting. If he is, he’s mentioned briefly. The night I met him I pretty much wrote him off.

I wrote him off mostly because he’s shorter than me. Smaller boned than me, and otherwise a small in stature male. In contrast to him, I look like my mom raised me on Miracle-Grow. I am not a small girl and never have been. Honestly his size, stature, bone structure.. are more akin to the average for a girl.

That said, he is clearly a man, and masculine.. he’s cute, sweet (but not in that sappy drooling puppy kind of way), and has a great personality. If he was taller, bigger.. I’d be all over him.

Anyway, our first meeting I kinda ignored him as I was concentrating on a rare male specimen I’ve not seen or heard from since.

At our.. I think.. third meeting, I started to find him attractive. Remember that great personality? But he really wasn’t paying any attention my way. I couldn’t really blame him. It was a sporting event, and I’m not that excited about watching sports. Plus I’d not been giving him the time of day anyway.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I ran into him again. He’s been organizing events for some social groups I’m in, so its not that hard to run into him anymore.

We’re playing pool, and we’re getting to know each other. It seems just friendly. He’s the “host” so to speak, so any attention he puts my way I file under “friends” and am friendly back. We have a great time.

Next outing, playing pool. He and I play a game together, do a little friendly flirting in which I spill that my day has sucked large donkey balls and he admits his has too (he got the “just friends” speech from someone), then he runs off to talk to this new girl who is quite the hottie.  If I had to pick a girl for him, I’d pick her. They honestly look great together.

This is where things got confusing… or where it started.

After pool, we all went out to eat. I flirted with the other men there, talked friendly with the girls, and more than once found Huew and I agreeing on something.  That alone isn’t anything to write about. Get a few people in a room talking and two of them will agree from time to time.

However, the more we agreed on things.. stupid things, we weren’t talking rocket science or deep family values… the more I’d catch him looking at me smiling.

He was still sitting next to the hot girl and chatting with her, but the way he looked at me was like he saw a kindred spirit. Strange. I wrote it off as “he wants to be friends”.

A couple nights later, we’re out again. Him, I, and Ms. Hot Girl.. plus 3 others which aren’t worth mentioning right now.

Huew and I sat at opposite sides of the table. I mean as far from each other as possible. I assumed he was with Ms Hot Girl from their flirtation the other night, so I planted myself to get to know the other two men there.

But here’s the rub. The entire dinner I catch Huew staring at me from way across the table.

X  X  M  (the seating chart, Me, Huew, Girl)
H  G  X

At first, I think I’m just catching his eye as he talks to Hot Girl next to him, so I start watching out of the corner of my eye to see if he’s actually staring. I mean its wierd, right?

Yes, he’s staring at me. He’s staring with a look on his face of .. well.. fascination? curiosity?

Thing was that he wasn’t only staring at me, but he’d start conversations with me from across the table. Asking me about this.. that.. or the other thing.

Don’t get me wrong, he looked at and talked to Ms Hot Girl too, but the staring thing had me puzzled. It makes me wonder if he might be interested?


Then I saw him again. We didn’t talk much as it was a large group watching a band play. So.. loud and not conducive to talking. I also wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t get up and dance with everyone else. I only went so I could finally hear this band which everyone said was great. Anyway, we only had in between sets to talk.

I’d say he chatted with me as much as any of the girls there, but our conversation subjects and the way we talk seemed different to me. Talking to him was relaxing, which isn’t always the case with me. We’d disagree on things (Seriously who doesn’t like Dr. Who?) but it didn’t seem to phase him… if anything he seemed to like it more.

He runs marathons and goes to a weekly bootcamp. I find jumping around my living room sufficient. (I kinda have this fear of exercising in public, but I didn’t mention that to him.)

He’s a sports nut, and loves the Office. I could care less about both.

He likes the cold. I loathe the cold.

But at one point, we were sitting across the table from each other, leaning in so far that our noses were nearly touching (it was loud in there), having a private conversation excluding everyone else. I don’t remember the entire conversation, but at one point we were talking about our mutual love of sitting on the couch and snuggling up in a warm blanket. In the conversation he painted the picture that his blanket was large enough for two, clearly pointing out that it was a queen sized blanket of his own accord.

The band began playing after that, so he quickly got up and went to the dance floor with the other girls.

I suppose eventually this will iron itself out. The pessimist/realist in me is saying we’re “just friends”.

We’ll see.

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  2. New Post: Confuzzled – I'm confuzzled, so I thought I'd write this out and hopefully by the end of this I'll get a b…

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