May 252010
I looked at the bed and smiled. I remembered how it had all happened, and felt my evil grin spread across my face.
He had come home late. I had known that he would, despite his lack of phone call to warn me.  It didn’t matter as I’d already prepared the events for tonight. He just didn’t need to know that.
I had made the bed, tucking everything tight, and gotten out my tool chest from under the bed. I slipped on my black lacy lingerie, the ones that my round bottom just peeked out of, and barely covered much of anything. I was going to work up a sweat tonight. I should at least be comfortable.
I put on my leather stiletto boots, and tied my hair back snuggly.
I waited with my riding crop handy.
When he finally strolled in, I met him at the door and tapped him solidly in the middle of the chest with the crop.
“Strip” I ordered.
He gasped in shock. I’d caught him by surprise. It’d been a couple months since he’d last earned this. I think he thought I’d forgotten.
He didn’t hesitate to obey though, and quickly lost all his clothes. They were piled nicely on the back of a nearby chair.
He stood before me. Hands at his side. Head lowered. Legs apart.
I struck the crop against his inner thigh, just barely below where his privates hung.
He gasped.
“You forgot something.. Do you want extra?”
His briefs disappeared quickly, and he placed them on the pile.
I smacked his ass with the crop as he folded and placed them there. He jumped. I stifled a giggle. I loved seeing him sweat.
He had no idea what was in store for tonight. No idea at all, but he stood ready and compliant for inspection.
A few minutes, and pokings and proddings later…
“Go to bed. I’ll be there in a few.”
I played with the dog, read a little in my book, and drank some water while he waited.
When I did finally enter, he was spread on the bed over some pillows as he knows I wanted. Such a good boy.
I removed the rope from my tool box and tied him there tightly. A big manly man held captive. Helpless. Erect.
The night was only beginning.

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