May 182010
I Love Geeks: The Official HandbookI went out the other night to a networking event.. and there were several friends there of Hock and I.
Hock was not there.
I honestly didn’t think I’d bad mouth Hock. It wasn’t part of my plan. I honestly thought I’d stop at “We had a falling out.” or some other vague-ity… but people would ask if I was going to ____ event or “Hey you going to Hock’s party next week?” And the story of Hock & my official falling out.. just came flowing out of my mouth.
I ran into one of Hock’s friends that I’d met during the game.. and she was shocked at his behavior with me. 
“That is so unlike him”
I told her I thought it was out of character as well, but its what happened and I just can’t overlook it. She agree and was adequately appalled at him on my behalf.
Then I ran into a mutual friend who had seen Hock and I making out that first night. She came over to chide me about it. Jokingly. She admitted that her and her husband had been married so long she was jealous of our hot make-out session. She went on to tell me what a cute couple we were, and the story of me and Hock came out like verbal vomit.
She interjected: “When I asked him about your make-out scene, he replied ‘oh the hottie’ so it wasn’t because he thinks you’re ugly.”
I guess I can take some comfort in that. Right?
I did get to see a couple of my crushes.. The married hottie.. *sigh* and the single one.
I’d not seen Pierce (the single one) in months. We’ve never said a whole lot to each other, but he’s always been friendly and somewhat flirtatious.. I think?  We’re both very shy neurotic semi-social-geeky people that well.. I honestly can’t tell if he’s flirting or if he’s just being friendly. .. However I’m just going to assume that he wants me.. and he wants me bad. 🙂
We saw each other across a very crowded room. I was making my rounds looking for familiar faces and possibly new people to meet, when I saw him. He saw me and his face changed into recognition and smiles. (I’m pretty sure mine also changed in the same way. I was overjoyed to see him.)
I made my way over.
He enveloped me in a hug and I melted. Neurosis knows neurosis. I’m comfortable with him.
Well comfortable except for the whole not knowing if we’re just friends.. or maybe? or who knows?
We said our hellos and talked about the past few months. What we’d each been doing, what’s new, what’s not, and so on.
I nervously thought he was trying to get away at one point. He moved closer to me, almost like he was trying to get past me… and I backed away to let him through. I realized my error when he then backed away to his original position.  I still don’t know what he was trying to do, but I was much too nervous to ask.
The conversation came to its natural end, and I couldn’t find anything even remotely interesting to prolong it.  Plus it was muggy and hot where we were, so I used the moment to excuse myself for cooler spaces.
That was the last I saw him that evening. 

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