May 232010
Dallas Stars - NHL Logo Pendant NecklaceWell last night I went to another hockey game. To say that it was a waste of money is an understatement.
To start, I went because the seats were cheeeeeeep.. and when I got there I found out why. The seats were in a section where you had to be “let through” by security because you walked across the entrance of the hockey team.. so anytime the hockey players were coming or going, you couldn’t get in. This meant that bathroom breaks, beer runs, food runs, all needed to be timed appropriately.
Plus, there was a “guard” at the stairs to your seat who would not let you go back to your seat if the game was on. You couldn’t get to your seat unless it was some kind of time out.
This severely inhibited my beer runs, and pissed me off.
But I was already in a foul mood before I got there.
I was going with a group.  A group I’ve been in for a while but haven’t attended in a couple months. The organizer knows me but thats about it. So when I was planning on going to this, I attempted to set up carpooling.
There’s a little “bar” nearby the arena where we all could meet up .. have a beer before going to the game, and decide who is going in whose car with whom. Since the parking was actually more expensive than the ticket, and I’m getting low on funds.. I was really looking forward to splitting the parking costs.
I got a couple nibbles but no organizer support for carpooling. (Seriously want to maim the organizer, but I won’t.) So I went ahead and organized the carpooling. Emailed everyone where we were meeting, the address, directions, my cell#, etc.  
Of the two nibbles, one emailed back and gave me her cell# and said she’d be there. The other just didn’t reply.  But still I figured a couple people would at least show up for a beer.
Then about 3 hours before the game, the girl that I thought was going to carpool emailed me that she was going to go with her neighbor. (no invite for me to join them btw) So I was a little ticked.
Then no one else showed up to carpool.
I get to the game and the carpool girl isn’t there, but several other people are.. several of which I’ve met before it turns out.  The organizer had secretly organized carpooling for a couple of the people, yet not once contacting me. 
Then the carpool girl shows up. Alone.
I was severely miffed. Put out. Irritated. Charged up.
And this before the game even started.
…. then the game..
My first Texas Stars game, I thought was good. I thought .. hey this team isn’t half bad.. I could get into this…
Then there was last night. They played against a Canadian team. The Canadian team was not nice. They were aggressive. A little too much so for my tastes, but they also knew how to do it without getting penalties. Skill. Knowledge. Artistry.
They completely made the Texas Stars look like a kiddie team up against professionals.
So I honestly don’t think I can fully get behind the Stars. Very disappointing game.
Though… there were several fights, and I did take some joy in the Stars players getting a few good hits in. 🙂
The company however is not a group that I’d willingly go with again. I ended up sitting next to a girl that I cannot stand. I’m sure she’s nice and fun and whatnot.. but she creeps me out something awful and I fear she has the intelligence of a grapefruit.
There’s were a couple people in a the group worth salvaging for a return visit, but they were on the opposite side of our group and I didn’t get to socialize much with them.  One is a very handsome man.. unfortunately too short. C’est la vie!
PS.. Not sure hockey is good for me btw. I’ve been picking fights all damn day for things I don’t even care about and I’m blaming it on the hockey.. cuz I can. 🙂

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