May 092010

Junior Infinity Alpha Wood Left-Handed Ice Hockey Stick - Black/ RedSo the other night, I’m out at a hockey game. My first ever hockey game either on TV or live.
If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ve been privy to my hatred of nearly all sports. A deep seated hatred based in lots of years of being tortured with it, and being second choice to it.  (Dear men, if your partner is second choice to any sporting event.. except maybe the final game like the SuperBowl.. Please go seek help right now.)
So when Hock invited me to go (as a friend thing), I really wanted to say no. I feared the worst. I feared being ignored and bored and lost. I feared I wouldn’t cheer at the right spots or worse cheer for the opposing team accidentally. I feared that it would be torture.
But I wanted to see Hock (to see if.. well to really know for certain if that booty-text was his real feelings on the subject).  I’d never seen a hockey game, so it was at least something new to try.
So I went. I’m glad I did. (despite it encouraging yesterdays post)
I’ll admit at first I wasn’t that into it. I sat there and tried to get my bearings. I’d played some floor hockey in gym in high school, so I knew the basics. But grasping what actually was happening on the floor, and who did what.. and where the hell did that puck go (Half the time even the refs didn’t know where it went either. That I found immensely funny, btw.) was a bit overwhelming.
There were points where I thought I should cheer, but no one else was, so I didn’t. There were points where everyone was cheering and I was still trying to figure out why.
But Hock was great to watch it with.  He was patient and nice and not condescending. He explained some finer points of the game and explained some players relationships/personalities which made the game much more interesting and intriguing.
I have to also admit that there’s something sexy about a man cheering his team with a positive attitude and not getting all sore (man-pouting) because things aren’t going exactly the way he wanted.  Seriously at one point I nearly cowgirl’d Hock in his seat, fortunately I have self-restraint. Though that could just be a Hock thing, as most of the time when he was talking I just wanted to go over and kiss the crap out of him. (yes I know.. I already said I had a problem yesterday)
It is going to take me years I think to fully appreciate hockey as a sport, but I had a great time much to my own surprise.
So maybe all sports aren’t dead to me. Oh, and games are much much better with lots of company and booze. Especially if that company is sexy.

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