May 102010

The Manly Man Manual: 100 Brilliant Ideas for Being a Top BlokeI really liked @singlegirlie‘s post about “5 Un-Manly Things I Love In A Man”  despite that I don’t share most of those myself. So I thought, “Hey, I should do a post like that with ones that I like!”
Then I thought about it, and I honestly can’t think of any girlie things that I like in a man. Well except the whole body builder look thing that she explains on her blog.  Fit – good, Athletic – good, Overweight – good, Skinny – good… but the body builder (unhuman) kind of built look, hell no… though I will choose body builder over the extremely obese guys.
I like some metro sexual stuff, but I wouldn’t really call most of it un-manly. I just like ’em to look nice.
New York Prime Meat USDA Prime 21 Days Aged Beef Rib Eye Steak Boneless, 1-1/2-inch thick, 2-Count, 30-Ounce Packaged in Film & Freezer PaperSo I decided to list the 5 manly man things that I LOVE in a man, not necessarily in any particular order…
1. Steak: He not only knows how to order a good steak, but knows how to eat one. (He shouldn’t hate vegetables though, just know his meat.)
Hairy Chested Men 2010 Calendar2. Hair: He can grow it. Facial, chest.. There is absolutely no mistaking him for anything but a man. (Not really into thick carpet looks though, but a good amount of hair is definitely sexy.)
Chivalry-Now: The Code of Male Ethics
3. Chivalry: He offers to carry things for me whether I need him to or not. He opens doors for me. He walks me to my car and/or to my door to make sure I’m safe.
Handyman4. Tool Belt: He can fix things. Leaky sinks, changing the oil on my car, or even just fixing the bug in my computer.. He knows how to use his hands…
5. Cajones – I hope thats how it’s spelled.. but that manly man attitude. He can be calm and zen and peaceloving (no one wants an angry ass) but I really love a guy who when push comes to shove.. can firmly hold his ground.. all the more attractive if he’s peaceful and fun loving 99% of the time.. unless you cross him. Whiny men who are too emotional kinda make my skin crawl.

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