Apr 302010
If you remember, I posted about my adventure with Hock a week or so ago, and I mentioned that I thought he was a relationship guy and that he had some kind pain or trauma he was hiding.
He does. I asked him about it actually. One of those dreaded.. “Why are you single?” questions.
A few months ago, he got out of a bad relationship. He now wants to be a bad boy and get out there and just have some fun.
Picturing him as a bad boy cracks me up. Hilarious.
He was honest with me about not wanting to date, and to be honest after the whole Luke thing, not dating never sounded so good. So we had a good chat about how neither of us is wanting to date right now.
He has yet to ask me about myself btw. Which I find strange and yet comforting. I hate talking about me (I know you don’t believe me) and its oddly comforting that he seems to care less about my past. Meaning that with him I can completely escape and be whomever I want to be.
Maybe Cleopatra.. Hmmm…
A few days later, he sent me an invite to a party he’s throwing that some of our mutual friends are going to as well. Its not a date.. just an invite.
I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to go. There’s a $18 fee to get in, which he didn’t offer to pay, and I’m not sure I can afford (or should afford?) right now.  I don’t really want him to pay either, as then it would feel like a date and I’m sure my anti-dating anxiety would get started.. it would change the entire tone of the event.
So I may go.. or I may not. I just don’t know. But it is nice that he wants to see me.

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