Apr 292010
Luke and I have started chatting again. 
It all started when he complained on FB about there only being crazy women. Of course, if you only think there are crazy women thats all you’ll find, but I didn’t tell him that. I know him well enough to know that he really does like crazy chicks. Since we have history, I suppose that admission might reflect badly on me, but then I’ve never professed to be the poster child for sanity.
We talked about dating, life, goals, etc. We had a good conversation. It was good to talk again and just be friendly. I remembered him and I as friends and it made me smile.
Of course, while we talked I entertained the idea of getting back together. Each topic we agreed on, I wondered more about if things might work if we tried again. Each topic we disagreed on, I reminded myself why we aren’t together.
I also started to remember the fire in him. How passionate he is. It was one of the things that first drew to me him. When he loves something, he loves it completely, protectively, and a little possessively. He will fight for it. Its a very attractive quality especially after my ex who was very passive about everything.
But with his fire comes demands. He’s rather black and white. Good and bad. Very little grey at all. Very little compromise. He talks in absolutes, and has trouble forgiving or seeing/understanding another viewpoint.
I however live in grey quite often. While I admire peoples firm hold onto beliefs, I do find rigidness constraining. I’m more apt to fight for the freedom for everyone, than I am to fight for my personal beliefs. I understand that what’s right for me, isn’t always right for everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all wishy washy either. I do have my beliefs and things I will fight for as well… 
But there are things that he wants. He’s open and honest with his expectations of his future wife/lover, and they aren’t things I really want and I’m not sure I could be them.
I’m also realizing that I’m still adverse to making any kind of compromise or giving anything up to please a partner. I might could eventually, but those compromises have to be gradual and not “dealbreakers” if I never live up to it. In essence, I merely want to be accepted for who I am right now. Encouraged to be the best me I can be. Loved for who I am, and who I become.
We talked two nights in a row, several hours each night. He’d message me throughout the day with simple hellos and innocent flirts. It felt good. Like I had a new good friend, a potential lover.. there was an innocent hope but not well-thought out.. an idea, a hope, and unclear dream of possiblity. 
Then he said he’d be interested in more, and asked me what I thought..
The dream suddenly died, and reality came crashing in. All his expectations hit me at once, I thought about having to fulfill them. It was like being hit with a ton of bricks. I couldn’t breathe, and my eyes started to fill with tears.
I told him it was too soon to tell. But in all honesty, I don’t see things working out. It would be great if they did. He would want to get married relatively soon and start a family together. He’d be a fantastic father, and possibly a great lover (if we can come to some compromises, I do know that the sex would never be boring). 
But all I can see right now is feeling pressured to do things his way, and feeling compromised, trapped, and resentful. The things of which spousal murders are made.

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