Mar 012010
Who's That ChickI feel horrid. I’ve neglected this blog.
So where have I been?  There’s many parts.
First, I actually tried to take some time to do some real job searching. I know. I am amazed too.
Second, I got sick. Not normal sick, but scary sick to the point where I did not go anywhere or do anything, or even really talk to anyone.. Thus nothing to write.
I am starting to feel better.. that and I’m putting off going to bed because I now associate sleep with unpleasant sickness and pain. (I’m sure this psychosis is temporary)
Anyway, I was talking today with my best friend.  She was telling me all about her ex-boyfriend who suddenly showed back up in her life acting as if they’d never been apart.
They’d split months ago. He left her with a whirl of psycho-ness burning all bridges. Aka he called her many unpleasant names and told her she was bad in bed among other things. He then left the country for work, and I guess is now back.
He IM’d her. She said “Hi” to be polite then quickly told him she didn’t have time to talk and walked away.  He then showed up at her apartment and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride on his motorcycle.  She said no.
“What you don’t like motorcycles anymore?”
She replied, “No, I just don’t like you.” and closed the door.
Chatting on the phone with me, she sounded off.
“What in the world could he possibly been thinking? What kinda crazy does he have to be to break up with me like that, leave the country without a word, and then come back and expect me to fall at his feet?”
It was the crazy that we began to discuss.
She’d told me enough of this man’s past to know that he liked to date crazy. No no.. not just normal crazy women, but “Wow psycho” women. It was obvious to us now that he helped drive them there.
I have a policy not to date men who like to date crazy women. Its that whole drama thing that I find they’re drawn to.. and if I’m not drama enough myself, I tend to find these men will drive me into it.. until I wake one day and I’m homicidal.  So yeah, I don’t date guys who have a history of dating crazy women, mostly because I don’t want to go to jail.
Anyway… I got off track…
We got to discussing this trend we’re finding that men seriously like crazy chicks. I don’t know what it is.. but they do.
I’m not sure if they’re just so used to crazy that they don’t know how to function in a relationship without it… or if its hardwired into their programming. 
Just so you all know.. there are a few girls out there who can be rational most of the time. I know.. you don’t believe me. *sigh*
If this trend doesn’t fix itself though… My BFF and I are going to start “psycho chick” training classes.  I mean.. if you can’t beat ’em.. join ’em.. right?

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