Feb 052010
@Moxie In The City‘s blog post today “Take the Lead” reminded me of my new post-divorce philosophy of dating.  One that I keep seeing people say is wrong, but one that I am not about to compromise much on.
In short, I want a man who is after me like I’m the last filet mignon in the world.
I am no longer settling for a guy who is just “so-so” on me, or not demonstrative of his intentions or affections.  I want to have no doubts that he’s into me.
I also want someone with a backbone. Who is not afraid to take charge, make decisions, and fight with me when needed.
Doormats and indecisives need not apply.
Sure sure, I’ll make a move to let him know that I’m attracted to him. I may reach out and give him my number unasked. I may hunt him down and give him my email or whatever.
Then the balls in his court.  I’m more than happy to wait to see what he does with those balls, and if he knows how to use them.
I’ll forgive him for muddling things up if he does.. as long as he’s showing the ability and willingness to hold the balls and use them to win me.
If all we end up doing is tossing the balls back and forth like a hot potato.. he’s much too much of a chicken to handle me.
Guys… if a girl tosses you the ball, run with it.  If you simply toss it back to her, expect her to run off or run you over.  Since I’m no longer in the market for roadkill or doormats, Imma gunna run off. Guaranteed.
On this note, I’m currently waiting to see if Mac uses the ball. I’ve emailed him, gave him my number, and even initiated the last contact.  Ball is in his court.

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