Feb 182010
Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New WestIt’s my personal thing that everything always happens on the same day. I can go weeks without anything eventful, but it always seems that once one thing happens.. other things just chime right in.
Yesterday, I decided to text Mac back. I’d left him “hanging” and because I figured it couldn’t hurt… and that I’d follow the advice of my male friends (all of them are seriously his advocates) and give him a chance.
I’m almost 100% sure that Mac isn’t into me for dating.  I may be a sex buddy option, or someone he’s got as a backup plan… but I’m pretty certain that he’s not into actually dating me.
Me: “Hope you’re having a good week. :)”
Him: “Fanks. I am. Getting ready for a mardi gras party. Tried to rent a zoot suit but didn’t work out.”
Him: “How’s your week?”
Me: “No zoot suit? Darn I’d have had to come by & take pics of that.”
Me: “My week is going. Possibly getting sick, but hoping its just allergies. Cross your fingers.”
Him: “I’m going to wear a black suit, suspenders, black shirt, tie, and phantom mask.”
Me: “Now that sounds hot.”
Him: “If only a hot guy was in that outfit, it would be.”  (Seriously begging for compliments? I decide to give him one.)
Me: “Oh? Who’s wearing it? I swear you said you were.”
Him: “Exactly”
Me: “Then a hot guy is wearing it. Do you need glasses?” (Just so everyone is clear, this was my gauntlet and its been thrown. Your move buddy)
(The above went on without any interuption or pausing… then there’s a 20 minute lull. I don’t know if he was stumped by the “hot” reference or he went to the toilet.. )
Him: “Naw that would make me dorkier.”
Me: “You’re a dork? Hmm totally missed that somewhere. Are you sure?” (Seriously? still begging for compliments? I’m wanting to just walk away at this point. I don’t.)
Him: “Yep. A computer nerd too.”
Me: “Then where are your glasses and pocket protectors?”
Him: “New age nerd.”  (I’m not sure what New Age has to do with nerds, but ok)
Me: “I may need new glasses as well. I can’t believe I was under the impression that you were hot.”
Him: “Lenscrafters have an office near you?”
Me: “Yep. Thats where I got my last pair. Total nerd glasses. Black frames n all.”
Him: “LOL”
Anyway, ball is solidly in his court. Any naysayers that thought “Are you sure he knows you like him?” should be fully satisfied now.  I’m just not waiting around on him. Relatively sure I’ll not hear from him unless he wants a booty call or his ego fluffed. Not into either option.
Then I head to Austin’s Social Media Club event.  I’d RSVP’d weeks ago and it was a little late to back out.. plus I really should get out and network.. So I went.
I get there.. make my name tag.. and my phone rings.
Its Mich. My friend that kinda gave me signals that it may or may not be just friends? He invites me to attend a dinner party his friend is hosting.
Now Mich has invited me to many things before, even when he was dating someone else. So this is NOT a sign that he wants to be more than friends.. or not clearly one anyway.  It could be excruciatingly boring or a fantastic evening.  I told him I’d go, so we’ll see how things unfold.  He’s leaving in a week and will be gone for year, so I’m not putting any hope in the long term. 
Then the meeting starts. Btw, the Austin Social Media club is full of hot men. Of course, half or more of them are married, but eye candy baby!
It was a great time really, and I’m going to try to pull myself off the couch more often to attend these functions.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll meet a tech-savvy sexy single man at one.

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