Jan 042010

Well my NYE went well, the rest of the night is kinda a blur. I wasn’t drunk though I’d been sipping champagne all night. I’ve never really liked champagne, and the last two days have only cemented that into my brain. By the time I went to bed NYE, I had a massive headache.

New Years day didn’t improve things. I woke up briefly, feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My eczema (an allergic reaction symptom) was way out of control. Every muscle in my body hurt. (Don’t tell me, champagne contains oranges, and corn syrup?) I spent most of January 1st in bed, either sleeping or watching Hulu or Netflix, and drinking juice or anything else I could get my hands on easily.

I awoke on Jan 2nd, feel back asleep, then finally woke again at 4pm finally with a little energy. Did some writing. The last couple days have been more of the same. Sleep, Eat, Write, Sleep, Eat…

My New Years Resolutions:

1. Do Not Drink The Champagne: I’m serious about this literally and figuratively. This year I’m going to pay more attention to what I need, and not take so many frivolous chances with my health with not accurately vetted products.

2. Date More: I’m forcing myself to come out of my non-dating rut. For the month of January at least, I’m going to actively seek dating partners (yes plural) and Say Yes to dates outside of my normal comfort range. At least for January, not going to judge a book by its cover. Or going to do my best. I’m saying “yes to dating” this year.

3. Find A Steady Source of Income: Umm.. yeah like a real job or something.

4. Workout More Often: Aka consistently or with some regularity. Not just spurts of it when I feel like it.

5. Say Yes: Instead of thinking of ways to say no, or not go, or talk myself out of things, I’m going to put more of an effort into saying yes to things that are new and different.

6. Invite People To Do Things: Unless I’m inviting a group of people, I never hardly ever individually invite anyone to go do anything. I know I’m bad. I just don’t think about it. It doesn’t usually dawn on me that its even an option, and if it does I’m usually too anxious to attempt. (You’d think that someone with a degree in social behavior would not be this socially stupid.. you’d be wrong) Its an old habit that I’m trying to change, and starting this year I’m going to make it a point to call people up and invite them to do something with me. I like time to myself, but this is one bad habit that needs broken.

7. Be On Time: I am notoriously “Fashionably Late” to everything. Even if you’re supposed to be on-time, I’m still a few minutes late. I’m rarely ever.. might as well say I’m never early. A very bad habit, and it needs to be broken. Its all rooted in the same social anxiety as #6, but some day I’m going to have to get over it. Gunna start working on it now.

8. Stay Positive: I have an environmental (childhood) and genetic (family) disposition to finding the negative in everything at any time. I assume this is some kind of caveman survival adaptation to think of the worst case scenarios so as to be prepared to survive it. So while, I might be surviving well.. I’m also miserable about it. This was a resolution for 2009 and I did pretty well at it (not always, but mostly) but I’ve still quite a ways to go. The changes in my personal outlook so far have been nothing short of amazing.

9. Be Prepared For Anything: This also ties into #6, #5, #2, and will help with #8. Even on days where I think I don’t need to, or where I think I can laze around in bedhead and pj’s.. I’m going to get up, shower, and do my hair. Thus making it easier to “Say Yes” to things, because I’m already half-ready.

10. Minimize – Declutter: This ties into #9. I used to be a huge packrat, and in some ways I still am I suppose though I haven’t “added” to my collection in years. In the house I had with my ex, my stuff wasn’t such a big problem. In my apt though, it is and makes it difficult to have company. I’m tired of it. So 2010 is going to be chucking out what I don’t need, what I won’t use, and limiting purchases to “Do I really need this?” (oh and if you know someone who collects Happy Meal toys, send them my way. I’m cleaning house.)

(This started out as a simple 2 resolutions, and over the last few days they kept multiplying. Just like my regular to-do lists.)

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