Jan 102010

Last night I went out. This in itself was an amazing feat. Its still Arctic tundra cold here (ok I exaggerate, it just feels that way for Austin, TX) which makes me want to do nothing and go nowhere.

But I had two parties in the same place which I’d promised both of them that I’d be there. So I had to go.

Both were costume parties. One was 80’s and one was MadMen. I have a bunch of old MadMen clothes and jewelry saved from my grandmother’s closets. So thats what I went with.

I dolled up in an old style dress, 5 strand pearl & glass necklace circa grandma, pearl stud earrings, and white gloves and purse also from grandma. I couldn’t have looked more prim and proper had my own mother dressed me (ok except for pantyhose, which I refuse to wear).

I don my fanciest coat which is somewhat warm. My Arctic tundra coats all make me look like a bag-lady cuz they’re a good 10 yrs old. No one normally needs that kind of coat in Austin. Seriously, what is up with all this cold? Forget global warming, this is the ice age.

I head out the door and freeze. I attempt to run to my car. But I don’t have running shoes on, and I’m in a dress that’s not really allowing for a good sprint.

I get to my car, put the heat on high, and start to get warm about half way there. By the time I arrive in the parking lot, I’m finally warm.

Then I get a text from the girl doing the 80’s party. Chrissy’s standing outside in the longest line ever to get into any kind of club in Austin (outside of SXSW parties) in the cold. I look for parking, but she texts me again that the line isn’t moving and would I be interested in going somewhere else.

I fucking look like June Cleaver. And I know where she’s going to want to go.. a hiphop club. Great!

So I debated. Stand in freezing line, or go home.. or… She calls “You want to go to the Gingerman?”

I’ve got to give the girl credit. She knows my buttons. I’d go to the Gingerman dressed in my house cleaning clothes and ponytail on the top of my head.

So we go to the Gingerman. It’s her and I, and her new best friend Nie, and two guys both friend’s of Nie. One I’d met before and while he’s a sweet guy he’s also a good 4 inches shorter than me, and a doormat. The other.. was not normally my type, and I thought he was “with” Nie so I wasn’t giving him much time of day when he introduced himself.

We all sat down and had a beer, and then Greg (Nie’s friend) and I made eye contact. *zap* WTF?

Nie and Greg had both mentioned that they were simply friends and used to be roomates. They acted like brother and sister. He’d just recently broke up with some girl as well. (Single baby yeah!)

We were all talking, but whenever Greg said something it was like he was talking only to me, and that we were having our own private conversation. No one else indicated that this was actually happening, so I’m pretty sure it was just my own mental problem.

Nie and Chrissy decide to go dancing at a club nearby. I’m trying to get everyone to stay at the Gingerman even though I know I’m going to lose. Nie and Chrissy are dancing fools. The only way I’ll win is if the guys don’t want to go dancing. Jay? Jeffery? whatever his name.. pretends to debate but everyone knows he wants to go dancing. Greg however shows the most reluctance and shoots me a look like “You know you’ve lost, please join us”.

So I do. And we all dance. I pretend not to. I’m trying to spare my knees, but judging from today, I didn’t totally succeed.

I’m also sticking out like a sore thumb. I’m in a club club. I’m in my best impression of June Cleaver and I’m in a club where women’s dresses start just covering their tits end just barely covering their ass. All I needed was some kind of ruler to smack people and tell them to be “proper girls”. I instead did my best impression of “June Cleaver Gone Wild”, stripping my gloves off with my teeth and shaking my booty.

Throughout the evening, Greg and I make eye contact. We share private jokes, and more than once he leans in to say something to me with his arm around me holding me close. We are the two “not dancing” of those “dancing”. We bonded.

But towards the end of the night, he and Nie disappear. He disappears first. Then she disappears about 5 minutes later. I want to know whats going on, so I head to the bathroom as an excuse to spy on them.

I find Nie waiting outside the men’s room. I knew she was waiting for him. I don’t know why and I didn’t ask.

I walked by her to the lady’s room and freshened up.

After that, Greg stuck next to Nie. He still flirted with me a little, and held me as he whispered things into my ear, but something was different.

As we all walked back to our cars, Chrissy hugged me goodnight, and I turned to say goodnight to everyone else.. but Greg had disappeared. Nie was now riding home with him and not Jeff (whatever his name is) who she came with.

It was still a good night. I had fun. I got to experience a nice man’s arms around me, and smile and flirt and laugh.

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