Jan 162010

I’ve been awake for 20 straight hours now. I’ve drank 2 pots of coffee and nearly 3/4 of a 2 liter of KFP Coke.. where I normally have no caffeine. Actually, I avoid coffee normally because it keeps me so wired that I won’t sleep even if I just have a cup for breakfast. Its one of those last resort.. must stay awake.. thangs.

Why am I torturing myself you ask?

Because somehow my sleep schedule got all screwed up. Seriously screwed. The week before this past week, I was sleeping til noon and wanted to correct that. My attempt to “solve” that problem backfired into me only being tired from 7am til 5pm, aka normal peoples worktime. So I tried to correct that by taking a short nap around 10am (10-3pm or something) and each time ended up sleeping through all my alarms until 6pm or so.

The final straw was yesterday. I wanted to go out last night. I had plans. In an effort to not be dead tired with bags under my eyes, I again attempted to take a short afternoon nap. This time I set 5 alarms to wake me up. I woke up instead at 7:30 p.m., a half hour past when I was suppose to meet up with friends.

Not only was I “late” but I was groggy and unshowered. By the time I corrected those, I’d have missed the entire thing.

So.. pissed as I was (am?), I decided to stay up until “nightime” tonight no matter what, in hopes that it will finally correct this issue and get me back on a normal person’s sleep schedule instead of Vampira’s.

I seriously look like the walking dead right now btw. I’m paler than any brunette white chick should ever be. I’ve got huge dark circles. My fingers are shaking a bit from all the coffee. But I’m awake damn it!

On a good note, I spent all night last night doing laundry, sorting through crap I’ve been putting off, organizing stuff to give away, reading junkmail, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, and finding unspeakably large fur-bunnies under the couch. (I’m getting tempted to shave my dog bare since she sheds so much.)

Today, I ran errands, picked up some vitamins, took my time browsing some grocery stores I rarely make time to visit, took the dog for a walk… anything to keep moving.

4 hours.. only four more hours.. I can do it.. I can do it.. Then I can have a social life again.. just 4 more hours..

God I’m so tired.

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