Jan 202010

Some days I think that I’m from a different world. I wonder how I got here, and exactly what happened.

I grew up with the only required maintenance being shaving your pits and legs. Maybe tweezing some facial hair if needed.

Nails were done at home, and hair was always done at home. Sometimes even haircuts.

Men never got manicures or worried about trimming or shaving anything but their face.

Over the years though.. things have changed.

Hair anywhere but your head.. is evil and must be removed at all costs. Salon mani-pedi is almost required. And getting your hair done at a salon is completely normal.

I may have been raised in the dark ages.

Some of these “improvements” on natural beauty, I totally get behind. Like male manicures. I actually was terrified of my ex’s jagged nails being used in certain places.

But other things.. I’m not so sure about.

Do I really want a man who shaves everything? I thought the point of a man was to be manly. Chest hair and all. Sure sure a trim down there would be nice if he wants me to attempt anything downtown.. but its not a deal breaker.

Do men really want a woman who is completely bald down there? Isn’t some hair down there at least a sign that she is a woman not some pre-pubescent girl?

When did we start to hate our bodies so much?

I really love a man with chest hair. I really do. It makes me feel feminine, and remind me of his masculinity. I’m not a big “carpet chest” kind of girl, but a decent amount of hair is just perfect to me. Hairy arms is good as well… again.. not carpet, but hair is good.

My own upkeep is negotiable. There’s upkeep I do for myself so that I feel comfortable or feel pretty or hygienic. Shaving my legs for wearing a dress or shorts is a must (mostly because of other people’s looks if you don’t), tweezing my brows is a must-do, and shaving my pits is completely non-negotiable. I could never be one of those armpit-hair-growing girls unless I really did not own a razor. But scaping down there, I don’t have a “set” standard other than I will never go bald. Sorry, not going to happen.

But the other day, I learned that I’m an oddity. I learned to love men as they are naturally (well except I still don’t like an uncircumcised penis or backhair), and evidently there aren’t any natural men anymore.

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