Dec 172009

Last night I went out to a singles event. It was supposed to be a bunch of singles from my general vicinity and the tall-people singles, so I figured there would be some chance of a tall single man.

I get there and I cannot find the group. I walk around feeling like a complete moron because I cannot even find my friend that is supposed to meet me there. I am freaking out.

But I find them, and its all girls. Ok, I lie. Its all girls and 3 guys. None of the 3 guys are guys that I find attractive. One of them is really cute, but he’s so short that my breasts are at his eye level. If we dated, I’d either have to really get used to him talking to my boobs, or help shell out money for his chiropractic sessions. The next guy is really not my type, and even though I’m sitting two feet from him he makes absolutely no attempt to even notice I’m there. And then there’s the obviously foreign guy. He’s looks really middle eastern, and is extremely socially awkward. I’d met him vaguely once before and he’s really from a different country.

So I sit back with Chrissy and she starts asking me if I find anyone attractive. Chrissy has a bald black man fetish, so she’s already scanned the room and seeing none is now more interested in being my wingwoman.

She’s still trying to figure out my type. I don’t really have “one” as far as physical. Sure sure there’s looks that will make my head spin, my tongue hang out, and I might have to resist the urge to lock them up in my basement… but when it comes to a real “dating relationship” I’m more about what’s inside. (well within a few physical limits anyway)

So she points out this guy across the room in an argyle sweater. He’s cute, but not my thing. His friend though is a very sexy bald guy. Some guys can pull it off.. some can’t. He can. Chrissy sees him and is interested. She then finds out by accident that the girl next to her is their co-worker.

So as the guys finish playing their billiards across the room, they make their way over to their co-worker.. and ta-da.. to us!

They’re both imports from South Africa. I am SOOOO not interested, but I make small talk and have fun. Giam (the bald guy) is hilarious and fun, his friend Jack is an ass. So we all (there’s like 5 of us girls) circle around Giam.

I keep trying to pull Chrissy and Giam together with conversation. You know keep him talking to her. He keeps talking to me, then goes over and talks a while with another girl next to me.

By this time I’ve already gotten loosened up with two vodkas, and my conversation with @MasterDater earlier in the day about small penises comes back into my head.. and..

I say a joke about the conversation to Chrissy loud enough that the girl next to me overhears.. and.. every man within three feet turns to join our conversation. Giam is all back talking to me. Literally everyone stopped all their other conversations and came running. I however laughed my ass off. (Do not mention penis out loud in a group of singles)

So we spent the next 10 minutes or so talking about penises and if you should talk about your penis. (It was a resounding NO, Never talk about your penis. Which I’m one of the advocates for silence in this case as well).

The rest of the night was basically the same conversation theme. One conversation about penis during the day set my mind into guttermode and at every innocent opportunity to turn the conversation to sex… I managed to do it. (Not in the “I need laid so I’m talking about sex” but more of a funny yet matter of fact kind of way.. It just steered there of its own accord where 3 minutes later someone would ask “How in the world did we get started talking about sex?” and it would be traced back to some comment that I made. I should not talk sexual stuff before going out.

Anyway, Giam went off to play some more pool, and was chatting with Chrissy. Chrissy and I were about to leave to go to the part of the bar where the lamest band alive was playing because Chrissy wanted to dance, then Giam and Chrissy start talking religion.

Chrissy is very alternative faith. Very into meditation, new age, law of attraction.

Giam states that he’s Christian and going to seminary school soon, and truly believes that no one has a right to push their religion on anyone else. *drool* To Chrissy, he might as well have said he was an axe-murderer, however my ears perk up and suddenly Giam looks 30 times hotter. We talk a bit about it, and then Chrissy & I head to a different room for the band.

Chrissy wants to dance, so I appease her and stay with the band even though my every thought by now is about Giam. I’m completely preoccupied. Giam does not look like a seminary guy. He doesn’t act like he’s uber-religious. He honestly looks like a cleaned up biker dude. So my head is trying to wrap my mind around a good looking rebel-looking guy at a bar, with fantastic social skills, drinking, having fun, playing pool.. going to seminary.

Chrissy makes a bathroom trip while I hold down the fort (aka coats and drinks, and open dance floor) and comes back.

“You remember Jack? He’s gaming all over these girls in the other room.”

She’s laughing and I’m laughing. It took a “Hi” from Jack and thats all I needed to know that he’s a douchebag/prick. I’m sure he’s a nice guy as a friend, but hell would freeze over before I attempted to date him. Plus he was kind of a jerk to us earlier.. so..

“He is? OMG lets go ruin his game. Come on.. it’ll be fun.”

Chrissy is all for it. I’m partly going to ruin Jack’s game, but mostly because I’m hoping that Giam will be around and I want to get away from the band.

We barely get over to Jack’s area, and Giam is there. He sees us and looks happy. He completely stops talking to whomever he’s talking to, and comes over to us.

“Hey, I thought you guys left.”

We explained that we’d been to see the band, and that they blow big monkey chunks. (I may have added the monkey chunks. If you still like 80’s hair bands, not remixes or redos of it, but the real stuff and you like to go see 80’s hair band cover bands.. Please do not let me know or invite me. Thanks.)

We sat down at a nearby table, and I started asking Giam about seminary. Chrissy asked as well.

If there ever were perfect answers to “Why seminary” and “What do you believe” and “Ethics”… Giam said them.

Chrissy was not interested at all, but I’ve got a huge crush. HUGE crush.

I’m relatively sure seminary will beat the rationality and reason and compassion out of him.. but from what Giam said last night about his religious beliefs.. He could not have echoed my own any more perfectly. This is extremely … extremely rare.

He’s smart. He’s currently working in software development.. A Geek. *drool* Ethics and beliefs are perfectly fitting with mine (from what I could tell so far, we didn’t discuss everything), and he has a rocking body. I got tipsy enough that I was .. well a little more handsy than usual.

By the end of the night, if Giam had asked me to run away and marry him.. I would have said yes. I would have also been a little inebriated. Had we been in Vegas, I probably would have asked him… well maybe after a few more vodkas.

He left with his friends though. I’d given him my number earlier in the evening, and we’ll see if he calls. I very much doubt he does, but I wish he would.

Though waking up this morning.. I’m pretty embarrassed. The guy is going to seminary.. and relatively soon after meeting him, I introduced a conversation about penises.. which honestly turned into a conversation about car/penis compensation.. which I then joking accused him of having a sports car (which he took in great stride btw, but still). Then after another drink, I walked by him and demonstrated on him for Chrissy the “walk by – feel up” that I do on occasion without his consent or knowledge that I was demonstrating it. Aka.. I just walked by and felt up a dude going to seminary.

Pretty sure he’s not going to be calling.

On the other hand, after he left .. Mr Short from the group and Mr Middle Eastern came up like gang busters talking to us. Both of them at one point pulling me aside to talk one on one. Both asking for my number.

Exactly. The guys that I am NOT interested in.. all want me. Mr Middle Eastern has already attempted to add me on Facebook. *click* Ignore.

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