Dec 202009

Saturday night, (if you’re keeping track, this is the 5th night in a row I’ve been out. My apartment is completely trashed. My dog hates me. I’m a little bit on the edge of complete apathy about everything.) I went out dancing.

Way back on Wednesday, Chrissy promised to set something fun up for Saturday and back on Wednesday it sounded like a good idea to promise her that I’d go. Unless I’m seriously on my death bed, if I’ve promised you I’ll attend something.. I’ll show up. Especially if its a very small group of attendees were I will definitely be missed.

So I make my way down to the club for club dancing. Chrissy thinks I’m the most awesome dancer ever. I think she’s crazy. My dancing consists of mimicking other people and making fun of lame dance moves. I can’t actually do anything “cool” on the dance floor. Trust me.

So I get to the club and Chrissy’s bragging me up to the other girls about how fun I am on the dance floor. *sigh*

Anyway, I grab a drink and go sit with them. They got an awesome seat by the DJ overlooking the dance floor. We’re basically on “stage”, so I tell Chrissy and Nie to stand up and dance. They’re complaining that no one else is dancing…

“Girls.. the whole point of this was for you to dance. There’s music. There’s floor.”

I talked them into it. (Now that is one of my skills, and often how my evilness comes out. I can talk people into doing things.)

So they go dance, and then the table next to us gets consumed by a wedding party. They’re everywhere, and they’re eyeing our table hoping we move. We don’t.

Next thing I know the staff is coming up to us telling us that the table next to us will buy us two rounds of drinks if we give them our table, and they’ll set us up at another table elsewhere.

Free drinks? Sure! (besides Chrissy and Nie were wanting to leave anyway, I wanted to stay as I wasn’t familiar with the place they wanted to go other than it sounded horrid)

So we stayed. We drank. I started getting tipsy and bored. Which is a dangerous combination for me.

Since we were in a rather secluded area of the bar, I didn’t really have anyone to pester and it would have been rude for me to get on my phone and drunk text random people that might still be awake. (oh and if you want me to drunk txt you, gimme your number I’ll make sure I do next time I’m out.. cuz I’m all nice like that.)

So bored, tipsy, and not wanting to be rude.. I start dancing with Chrissy and Nie. I’m taking it easy at first, but the alcohol and boredom get to me and I just stop having a care. I know I look retarded dancing because the guy nearby us was actually looking at me, laughing, then texting is buddy across the room. But at this point I don’t care.

There’s one thing about me that I don’t think I’ve shared here. I have a birth defect in my feet which requires me to always wear some kind of arch support, and severely limits the amount of activities I can do on my feet in a day. Disobedience to the “rules” of my feet gives me shin splints, throbbing pain, excruciating pain if I move wrong, knee pain, and back pain. And for the most part, I’ve learned how to manage it that most people don’t notice and will never know.

Unfortunately, my being out 5 nights in a row and then getting tipsy and club dancing (which I don’t really pick up my feet but shuffle and slide – I tried to pick up my feet to do “steps” and ended up stepping on someone’s foot pretty hard.) started to catch up with me.

After about an hour of dancing, my feet started to ache. Then about a half hour later I noticed that my knees really hurt when I was doing a few of the moves. My knees had hurt like that a couple weeks ago, but since I hadn’t noticed it on the dance floor I didn’t realize it was the club dancing I did back then that had caused it.

I ended up calling it a night a little early and walked back to my car. By the time I got home my legs were throbbing. My feet were throbbing. I sat down and did not want to get back up.

This morning I woke to every muscle in my feet and legs being stiff and sore. So much so that I did everything I could to stay in bed as long as humanly possible, while stretching my muscles occasionally. I’m familiar with this pain. It’s going to take me all week to heal.

I’m still trying to learn moderation. *sigh* But thats ok.. I need to get in gear and get ready for the holiday this weekend anyway.

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