Dec 202009

Friday night, Ms Hottottie had invited me over to her place for a Christmas party. Since I’d just met her the day before, and I spent most of Friday holding my head thinking “OMG make the pain stop”.. I didn’t have much time to prepare any real Christmas goodies.

So I loaded up a couple bottles of wine, a bag of chips, and went.

It was a small party of mostly couples, but they were fun and interesting people so I didn’t mind. Plus it was kind of nice to just chill.

I met the absolute coolest couple EVER!

They’ve been married for 5 yrs, no kids, and act like they’re newlyweds. Ok well adjusted newlyweds, not the PDA newlyweds.

She’s a housewife like I used to be, and we bonded over that. Its not an easy thing to do, especially in today’s society. And while you may take pride in it, and love it, and you and your spouse may exstatic about it.. Other people aren’t (reactions range from envious “oh so you eat bonbons all day” to judging “But you should still work.”), and its an extremely lonely job. Especially if you don’t know any other housewives.

She’s at least fortunate that her husband is a social guy (my ex was not) so they go out relatively often for her to meet other people. He’s in computer something, and very much a geek. He and I spent a good portion of the evening talking. I have food allergies and he has diabetes. We both have restricted diets which were handed to us by doctors with little to no instruction. Sink or swim. So we spent a good portion commiserating about learning to swim and the pitfalls of it.

It was easy conversation. We all laughed and joked around and had fun.

So much fun, that after two bottles of wine (I drank at least one entirely by myself) and much good conversation.. it was suddenly 4am.

Btw I really want to find a boyfriend, just to double date with these two. Yeah they’re that awesome.

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