Dec 022009

Last night started out depressing. Sure sure I set it up last minute because I’d just remembered the day before what day yesterday was. Next year, I’ll plan better.

The whole “party” idea started the day before last as I admitted to Evie on the phone that December 1st was the one year anniversary of my “singleness”. She said that we needed to celebrate. Needed… HAD to celebrate. She insisted. I was perfectly fine just being happy I was single, but she insisted that we mark the occasion.

So all monday night I thought about what I wanted to do, asked around about who had the best happy hours, and planned on calling places yesterday morning to find out the exact happy hour things and reserve tables etc.

I woke up yesterday morning, freezing. I was cold and did not.. NOT want to get out of bed. I did get out of bed only to find that it was 45 degrees and raining. I did not feel like going anywhere, or drinking, or barhopping. But I’d promised Evie I would do something.

So I instead planned a calm evening. 6:30pm Dinner at Panera (where they have hot tea, and hot soups) and maybe a few card games or board games. Something chilling with friends. Easy. Warm. No Stress.

I post it for everyone to see, especially for my friends. I invite a group I organize, as well as anywhere else that comes to mind where Austinites might find it. I have no problems meeting strangers. I give out my phone# and email, so people can contact me to let me know to expect them or not.

Evie says she’s coming, because she promised. So when I didn’t hear from anyone all day except a few “I already have plans” or “I can’t make it”, I figured we’d just have a calm girl’s night.

About 5:30pm I get a text from a girl that I wasn’t sure I liked. We’d met before but she always seemed a little “too nice” to me which makes me uncomfortable. She was coming. Well at least there’d be Evie to buffer, so ok we might still have fun.

At 5:45pm, Gety calls. She goes through this entire monologue about getting off at 5pm and not wanting to go home because if she goes home she’ll just stay there, so she got groceries. She picks up refrigerated stuff, so she has to go home anyway. (Even though I tell her its cold enough to just let it sit in her car) She probably won’t make it because once she’s home she probably won’t go back out. Uh huh, ok. I’m still a little skittish on her anyway from our last outing so I’m not that upset.

While I’m talking to Gety, Evie txts me to ask if I’d forgive her if she bailed. She got her period and has cramps.. blah blah blah. I told her I of course would forgive her… in a way that also said “I’m pissed at you”.

“Well you all can come over here.”

Honey if you’re well enough to host, you’re well enough to come to f’n Panera. I told her I’d pick her up, trying to be nice and not wanting to spend the night alone with Overly-friendly girl. She asked how long I’d stay, and whatnot. She then said she just couldn’t make it. She was already in her PJ’s, but again pleaded that we all “just come over to her place.” It was all I could do not to say “F U” and so I just didn’t respond. My mother’s “say something nice or say nothing at all” kicked in.

So I headed to Panera with a deck of cards, and a growing sense of defeat. I was still pumped that it was “Freedom Day”, don’t get me wrong, but I was less than impressed with my friends.

I get there, order, and pick out a good spot and wait for Overly-Friendly Girl. Shortly she arrives. Breezes in actually, and she smiles an infectiously happy smile. She doesn’t even seem disappointed that its just the two of us, and I realize that I’m the one with the problem.

I realize that I should be happy that I’m not alone. I’ve got Freedom to celebrate, and someone came who actually was happy to see me. That rocks! Her happy spirit picked up mine, and we had a great chat.

We’d just finished eating and a gentleman came over.

“Are you Maruska?”

I looked at him stunned. I’d checked my phone just before Overly-Friendly Girl arrived. No emails or txts that anyone else was coming. I didn’t recognize this guy from anywhere, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t some kind of “fan” who just happened to run into me.

“yes…umm?” I replied hesitantly.

He quickly said he’d come to join us, and apologized for being late. Though OFG and I were having a great conversation, I thought it was great someone else had come. I just wished he’d have given me a little heads up.

He turned out to be a great addition. We talked about lots of things, even African politics. OFG is an import from South Africa. I actually learned more about African politics and economics than I’ve ever known. It was a good time.

After he finished eating, I broke out the cards. Funny enough neither of them had ever heard of or played “Go Fish”, so we played a game of that. Then we moved on to Rummy. We were having a blast when I got a text message from Chrissy.

“I just got off work. Are you still at Panera?”

Chrissy had to work late and so had previously cancelled, but had really wanted to come. I told her we were there playing some cards. She said she’d be right there.

She arrives and hands me a coupon. Funny enough she just took a job working at my favorite clothing store for some extra cash, and as a benefit of her job got coupons to hand out to her friends for a 40% discount (her employee discount) on anything in the store. Totally loving her! Happy Freedom Day to me!

The four of us spent the remainder of the night talking about dating. Do’s, Don’ts, and Run like the Wind. I felt a little sorry for Al (the one guy), but I think he came away with a much better understanding of women, and we got him to voice his male opinion on a couple topics as well.

OFG (she’s actually really cool, so I should give her a real name someday like Lynette), Chrissy, and I are all single and all relatively newly single. We’ll probably be spending a whole lot more time together.

So maybe I should be glad everyone else bailed. 🙂

PS.. Chrissy and I talked a bit after everyone left. I was asking her to go to the art museum with me on Friday and asked her to not invite Jessie. She said that wouldn’t be a problem. Evidently on Saturday night (Suburban Clubbing), Jessie had flirted with, hotmama-danced with, and in all other ways attempted to steal Chrissy’s new boyfriend. Both the boyfriend and Jessie are knee-deep in hot water. Go Chrissy Go!

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