Dec 222009

So, I thought I’d update you all on my dating situation. (Situations?)

I’ve been putting dating on the backburner lately. Partly because I’m bummed out by selection, and partly because I.. well I don’t feel like it.

However, that does not seem to have stopped the men. It seems the holiday season makes men want to be with me, while the holiday season makes me not want to be with anyone.

In the last weeks:

Luke has been relatively absent. YES! But others have decided to step in.

A “fling” I had in May, who was a fling because he has 3 teenage or older boys whom he has raised himself (which I give him huge kudos for btw)… but he told me way too many stories about the things they’ve gotten into.. that I know I would not ever want him to father a child. He’d be a loving father, and possibly a good provider.. but we’d have some major issues on ethics and education. He emailed me that his divorce was finally final and wanted to get together soon. He misses me.

Then there’s the ever reoccurring 22 yr old, he might be 23 by now. He fades in and fades out. We had a short “relationship” in January, which ended when he decided to be a total ass on my birthday. He then messaged me to make up and get back together in April. I told him to fuck off, he wanted to apologize, so I told him what he needed to do and he faded out. He faded back in in May, apologizing and spending weeks contacting me that he was serious about wanting to be with me. I decided to give him a chance and let him take me out. We went out for dinner, and he faded out. He messages me now and then to say hi. And he faded in this month to tell me that he misses me and that he wants to see me again. I think I’ll just fuck with him (aka string him along). He’ll disappear again soon enough.

Drew and I have been texting. Odd texting. So odd that I actually decided to add him to my drunk texting list.. meaning that he’s ok to drunk text. Yes, I’m putting that much stock into the idea that he’s not interested. He’ll message me asking me “What are you doing?” or “What are you up to?” at various times of day sporadically. I usually answer with what I’m actually doing. He replies with whatever mundane thing he’s doing, which is usually something like a football game or soccer game that he wants to watch (not have me join him). He doesn’t invite me out, or ask me what I’m wearing or even show any interest in me other than a literal “What are you doing?”

Its exciting times here at Chez Maruska.

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