Nov 222009

So I go out Friday night. Its dreary. Its been raining. So I put off going out.

But I RSVP’d yes.. Plus I can help spread the word about sites where I’m writing, and possibly network for jobs maybe. And it was at the Gingerman (hello self, your favorite bar) So I should go right?

I drag myself out. I dressed nicely.. well nicely for the Gingerman, but comfy for me. I did my hair and my makeup. When I last checked in the mirror before leaving I looked GOOD.

I walk out. Its still raining. By the time I get to my car, even with the umbrella, my hair is now laying flat and frizzy. Damn it. But my face still looks ok.

By the time I actually get to the bar, my makeup is pretty much invisible with the exception of a little mascara and eyeliner. Great!

Being as I was (on my own) meeting with a bunch of people from Twitter that I’ve never met before let alone only twittered with a couple of them ever, even though I’ve been to the Gingerman tons of times, my social anxiety was in full swing. Entering the “party” looking worse than I did before I showered was not helping at all.

Luckily the Partymeister and crew were there to help give me a life-raft. I ran into them shortly after entering the bar when Pete yelled “Hey!!!” loudly as I walked by. I said my “Hi’s” and went to find the Twitter ensemble.

2 hours late and the party was packed. Seriously packed like front of the stage at a rock concert. It could have easily been a moshpit. If I was actually prone to panic attacks, I’d have had one just trying to get through the crowd.

I instead went back to the Partymeister’s crew and had a beer. Chatted a bit. Relaxed. However, when Partymeister’s pal ‘Chesthair Man’ decided to start pulling out his chest hair to prove to me that he didn’t need to be drunk to do it.. I decided to give the Twitterers another go.

I met a really nice guy with a huge dog. HUGE dog. I believe it was a short-haired St. Bernard. It made my 43lbs possible Belgian Shepherd look like a lapdog. The dog was sequestered under the coffee table, and I totally envied the dog. I really wanted to just be under there with it.

But I threw a smile on my face, and tried to make my rounds. It was still massively crowded and moving around was hazardous, so I tried to stay on the edge of the group. Still too crowded.

So I went back to Partymeister’s table and had another beer. This time Chris was there. Unfortunately, he was also there with this very sexy “neighbor-friend” (his term) and completely absorbed by her. Cute & adorable, but not very entertaining for me. (Yes it is all about me.) So I talked a while with Pete as Chesthair Man went home, and Partymeister was distracted with some cute girls.

Finished my beer, then attempted the Twitterers again. I then finally found LaniAR whom I’d found out about the Twitter party through, and was the hostess. She introduced me to a couple people and we hit it off.

I actually met several really cool girls through the party which is extremely strange for me, but hey.. its a good thing. I also met a couple guys. One was extremely HOT, but sadly uber-married. Another may grow on me.. we’ll see.

All in all, it was a good time. Tiring. Stressful. Insane. But a good time.

Oh and I now have a massive amount of Twitter-followers. Seriously though Twitterers.. I’m not THAT interesting. I promise. But for you, I’ll try. 🙂

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