Nov 292009

I got up early and got the brisket trimmed, sliced and ready. Ran out for some more potatoes. Made pie crust. Peeled, sliced, and prepped 12 granny smith apples for pie. Peeled, diced, and prepped a 3lb bag of potatoes for mashed potatoes.

By the time I actually made it to Gail’s house for Thanksgiving, I was tired and dragging. Not exactly how I wanted to show up, but I put on a smile and did my best to pretend otherwise. Soon I got my energy back, which of course left again after eating way too much.

Most of the time was waiting for people to arrive, waiting to eat, waiting to finish eating, waiting for dessert, waiting to play a game. It honestly took me a lot of patience and reminding myself that this was “their” circle and “their” house.. and although I was a guest, I should adhere to their pace. We started at 3, started eating at 4, and yet it was nearly 8 before we started playing games.

It was a good time though, and they have good choice in friends. I am also extremely impressed with them and I may have to hang out with them more to take notes.

Mary (Gail’s roomate and owner of the house) had all the men pretty much eating out of the palm of her hand. She’s not that attractive. Just average. But she’d say “Do this” and they would. Outside of some fetish relationships, I’ve never witnessed this without sex being some kind of reward. She was not sleeping with any of them, and most of them had women of their own.

Actually, Boggs, the guy I sort of liked from the night before.. I totally want him now. He comes up to Austin every once in a while and just does handyman jobs for her if she needs it. It was freaking cold up here during Thanksgiving, and he put up the lights all around the outside of the house. He helped cook in the kitchen and helped clean up. Anything that needed done, she’d ask him to do it and he would.

Gimme Gimme!! 🙂

Totally want a manservant like that. I may have to start holding auditions.

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