Nov 162009

This last week was total hermitting. Very much needed hermitting.

I am a dichotomy of introverted and extroverted, of social and anti-social. I have very strong needs for both.

Which is why when I do too much of one, I also go to the extremes of the other.

Thus after an extremely social week (almost week and half), I needed… NEEDED.. a week of nothing.

I literally only left my apt for groceries and getting the mail, with one exception which was business related. I hermitted until Thursday when I ventured out to Panera and then went shoe shopping… if you can count a quick lunch at Panera and shoe shopping as unhermitting.. I still did them both alone. Happily alone I’ll add.

It wasn’t really until about 11pm Friday night that I even mildly got a hankering for company. I didn’t really want to be social mind you, but I would have liked the company similar to that of a roomate. No need for makeup or getting dressed up, you can lounge around in your way too old but comfy stained sweatshirt and relax. That is the kind of company I thought would be good, unfortunately I know no one in town that would fit that bill.

But it was a good week. A good chilling out, doing exactly nothing week, and I needed it.

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