Nov 232009

Saturday night I went out with Getty, my dog-sitting friend who saved me lots of money sitting my dog while I went to Cali this last summer, and who hooked me up with the best sex night I’ve had this year.

I hadn’t seen or talked to her in weeks, and wondered if I’d pissed her off, but alas no. She’s just been antisocial and in a negative mood she said. So..

1. Yay there still a possibility she might dog-sit in the future someday.
2. Damn that means I still have to deal with her if I want her to sit for my dog again.

Honestly, there are times hanging with her isn’t a bad thing. And there are times when hanging with her is excruciating torture. Unfortunately, this was pretty close to torture, and definitely excruciating.

I initially wanted to go see a movie, but she didn’t want to see “Men Who Stare At Goats”. She wanted to see some horror flick. I can’t recall the title, but

ME + HORROR = A. Nightmares for a week. B. Freaking out everywhere I go when something happens or resembles something that happened in said-movie C. Screaming like a little girl with my eyes covered and my fingers in my ears the entire movie. D. Walking out of the movie after slugging the person who talked me into watching the movie in the arm. E. Several of the Above. F. All of the Above

So I just refuse to watch anything horror. Trust me. Its safer for you and me.

Anyway, we couldn’t agree on a movie which wasn’t a problem. No biggie. So we decided to go out to eat, and she talked me into going to Cool River. So I got all gussied up and met her there.

Now on the phone prior to going to eat, she’d talked non-stop and barely let me get any kind of word in unless it was discussing where to go and then she’d only let me get the name of the place in before she’d start in again. Annoying but I figured she’d calm down in person.

She did not.

Instead, she was all about telling me every thought that came into her head and every little judgement of whatever inane thing that came across her mind. If I disagreed with her, and attempted to express my opinion I would barely get one or two words out and she’d continue talking. She did not listen nor did she give me any feedback language indicating that she even understood my actual point (really how could she when I didn’t even finish one sentence?). She did however notice that I was getting frustrated and politely said,

“I know you’re point, but … ” and continued on without me.

To which I swear my head spinned and flames shot out of my eyes. In my head, I was thinking “OMG how the fucking hell could you possibly know my point when you don’t even listen to a freaking word I’m saying? Really?”

She switched subjects often as one subject reminded her of another subject.

So I tried to give up talking to her and just sat there eating my food. She did not stop talking even then. She did not really pause. She just kept going like she was loaded with Duracell and covered in faux-bunny-fur.

“I just don’t understand how people feel its their responsibility to shove their food tastes on you! I don’t like fish, damn it. Tell me, how in the hell does it affect their lives if I don’t taste their freaking fish dish?”

Now you might think that this would require a response. I know I thought so too. And it actually did. She paused and waited until I attempted one. If I waited too long to respond, she’d repeat the whole rant and end with the question. So I tried to reply:

“Well some people…”

She started up again, and went further on her rant. So when the same question came around again, I decided to answer it differently.

“It shouldn’t really…”

And I was cut off again. It went like this from subject to subject to subject. Her expressing her opinions like verbal vomit, and myself pretending to be totally unaffected by it. (I did once actually raise my voice to her and tell her to shut up and listen to me, I’m not normally that rude but she wasn’t giving me a choice, to which she turned all pouty, silent, and sullenly angry. The kind of listening that a 5 yr old does when they don’t get their way… aka not at all.)

She did go on a rant about some guy who walked away from her saying “You’re way negative. I just cannot be around such negativity.” And she went on and on about 10 minutes on how he must have something wrong with him. It was all I could do not to laugh as she had been proving his point over and over all night.

By the end of the night, I had a massive headache. I put in my time, and I’m not really sure having a dog-sitter-friend is worth all of this.

I do know that it will be a long time until I subject myself to a one-on-one with her again. There is not enough alcohol in the world.

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