Nov 042009

I had the best Halloween ever. Ok not really EVER, but it was good and what I needed.

I really had planned for weeks or months or maybe even a year, on going downtown and bar hopping. Austin on Halloween is the best time to go bar hopping and people watching. Halloween is HUGE here.

But as it turned out, I had no one to go with and chickened out of being the “lame” person asking everyone to come hang with her. (Yes sometimes I have serious self-perception social issues.) So Halloween came, and I had no definite plans.

I did have a ton of different parties to go to, held by various groups I was in or by people that I barely knew.

But it was also cold. My fingers were ice, my nose was ice, and I just did not feel like going outside. It just did not feel worth it.

So I stayed home with my poochie, sat in front of my space heater, and watched tv and movies all night… til like 3am. Then I went to bed.

Now while this may not be ‘Les Excitemont’ to you, it was however warm, snuggly, and peaceful for me.

PS.. Music Within – surprisingly good movie. Who knew?

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